Is it life or a contract to suffer?

When I look around,noone is living .   all are just suffering which makes me think .

What’s going on?Is life the synonym of suffering or Have we all signed a life time contract to suffer?

life was much easier in childhood and during school or college times.The responsibility of adulthood is immense.

If I have 30in watsupp contact.Everyone of them is in pain except one or two who boasts of a jovial life and a few who have the ability to create a smile hiding all the misery underneath.

And a few not willing to play according to life’s wishes ends their life too .

What is life?I wonder…

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With love-Crystal.

I am the wolf in sheep’s attair. (confession of a wolf)

I am handsome,i have attractive green eyes but am in my 30’s and  still single.My friend is dark as a chocolate,not at all handsome ,he too is in 30s but committed to a pretty girl and having a wonderful relationship .They are going to get married soon.

why is it that I don’t deserve anything and he deserves everything ?                 It’s unfair that I am deprived of all the good things in life.

They had a 10year’s of relationship it seems,their parents didn’t support from both sides and they waited for so many years to convince them and finally they have got the approval, recently.       

 you know what ,I don’t care about anything.wherever they laughs and giggles I get irritated and their photos in  facebook makes me to dwell in jealousy.

When I have my food alone,she feeds him,when I travel in bike alone,he has her at back seat,when I don’t have anyone to call me,he gets calls all the time from her.she always holds his hand where as there is no one to hold mine.

They are so happy and I can’t bear seeing them happy so I planned everything in advance.

I made him more closer to me so that he considers me as his best friend.Everyday I call him to talk for hours and we met almost everyday . I do everything that he asks for like his assistant .After all ,to achieve what I want ,I had to act so good and kind.           

  I am intelligent ,everyone says that and I used my intellect to spread in their  life like a dark cloud and they were unaware of it. He was already by my side and now slowly, slowly I made her to feel that I am her best friend and well wisher . I  was waiting to backstabb them but poor fellows believes me a lot and took me to all   the places where they went,movies,parks,trips .. .Now I am best friend for both of them but actually I was the woodpecker who  was hiding and was pecking them .

I waited for 3 years for a chance .  He shares everything with me ,recently he told me that she got a friend and he helped her in some problem and now they are best friends. I love to check people’s phone,I enjoy reading their private conversations and I like to spy on them so I used to check on his phone too,there were only friendly conversations but I had to make something more out of it.

I asked him whether your girlfriend knew about this new friend.He told yes, she believes me so much and she knows everything .

Then I realised that belief, that i needed to break first.                                   I have heard that trust is the pillar of  all relathionships ,one’s it breaks then everything will crumble.

He is committed but still he talks with girls  more over his girl believes him and has given freedom gor him .I am single and none of the girls talks to me.I think I have the right to feel jealous.

I made his childhood friend in my side too by telling him that he is not going in a rite way and by saying that he has an affair with another girl .That fool too joined me thinking to bring him in rite track.

Three fools ,I feel like a god ,when I play with their life.

So I took his bestfriend with me and went to meet the girl.I told her that he has an affair .she didn’t believe then his best friend also told the same thing and I made her to believe by showing the proofs that I made up. she broke down and cried and I felt so happy.

Poor fellow he told her and his friend many times that he is innocent but it was already late,I had eaten away their brains . she nor he ,no one believed him  because I had brainwashed them very well .

They broke up and I feel so satisfied and happy .He has no idea that I am behind all this and still thinks that I am his best friend and fought with his childhood best friend accusing him of everything.what a fool he is? 

Now I am single,he too is..                   Tat’s all I wanted and                                   I am sucessful and happy now.


I am the wolf,in sheep’s affair.

Beware of me.

With love-Crystal.

Temple muse- 8

If Isra wouldn’t have helped her on that fateful night????They shrugged at the mere thought of it.
Jisha and lakshmi climbed the stairs slowly,already exhausted and tired by the mysterious array of events that just happened .
Jisha took the key from her handbag and wrenched the door open.As soon as they got inside ,lakshmi went to the kitchen and brought a tumbler of water and chugged the entire water from it.

Jisha held Isra’s phone in her hand and pondered about something.After sometime ,she woke up from her thoughts. Their was a sign of relief on her face as if she she solved half of the mystery in her brain itself.       she looked at Lakshmi and told.  

” so ,what we just had was an  encounter with ghost .                          Isra ,she is a ghost and I bet you      can’t disagree .”

Laksmi answered”I don’t know whether she is a ghost or an angel,         I know only one thing that she helped us.”

Lakshmi sat down on her fluffy bed . she started to bite her finger nails as if she is bitting and throwing away the unwanted problems In already stressfull life .All of a sudden a sensible question popped In her head and she put it out for Jisha to answer.

“We met her near temple but spirits can’t enter temple premises ,isn’t it.?”

Say’s who?jisha’s answer was quick than expected.

Jisha thought for few seconds and continued ” why can’t we think in a different angle?                                        We went to the temple as we wanted god to help us in solving our personal issue’s . same way she might have reached there in need of help ,In    search of someone who could help her.kind-hearted people like you       are often found in temple premises,isn’t it.?.”                                  she passed a  sarcastic smile on Lakshmi.

Jisha paused for sometime and then     she resumed.                                              “Do you think that her intention was only to help us?.”

Jisha didn’t wait for lakshmi to     answer and she continued….                    
“Isra knew that we were in danger   and accompanied us ,hooligans fled the scene on seeing her and all other events that happened makes me to conclude that everything ,everything is connected .

If my intrution is rite, she is trying to tell us something.she desperately needs help.

 suddenly,from nowhere the smell of Rose scent rushed in to the room as if someone silently agreed to Jisha .

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To be continued. . . . . . .

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