Accept everything.

If you are not satisfied by what you have in your life,you will always end up complaining and it spoils your happiness So accept everything life has to offer,accept the fact that nothing is in our control especially the outside factors,accept the fact that we lose people in life,accept the fact that people behaviour changes in life,situation changes and only person you can ever depend is you and if you practice acceptance then you will lead a happy life and this will make you a very strong person .

P.s-just ma thoughts

With love-crystal.


I  penned down my emotions in a piece of paper with an intention not to burden anyone with its intensity  then I found the paper burning in its heat and emitting black fumes.

We feel emotions in different levels.some don’t feel much and for some its so deep and intense.

Have you ever thought why is it so?Even I don’t know the answer.

With love-Crystal.

Don’t forget that you are the sunshine.

We are send to the world to be the sunshine,to spread happiness and motivation in this otherwise gloomy world but sometimes we get so deep in to our problems that we forget the purpose of our life and become another candle which blewed off in the wind .

Let us ignite ourself once again because world need people like us.Don’t be sad that you are not like others there is a reason for that and the reason is that your smile and positively can bring happiness in to the world and makes world a wonderful place to live in and never let anything affect it and reduce its brightness.

We have only one life ,let us be happy and spread a blanket of happiness around us.

With love-Crystal.


Is that an attitude when you refuse to do what you don’t like no matter how much you are forced?

People just want you to listen to what they say and follow the rules they set and if you refuse to obey them ,they make your life miserable so people get scared of this and join them and the one who won’t join them is called and treated as a culprit and is targeted.what a pathetic situation of our society.

Unsaid love

If you love anyone tell them ,you may get the answer yes or no and that pain is better than living with the regret of not expressing your feelings.

With love-Crystal.

Words that are not spoken,                 the feelings that are not expressed Compensate it by digging a hole in the heart and hiding the pain of unsaid words deep inside.

Plants love❤❤❤❤

I never really understood the importance of the plants and trees until I had to shift to the city of cemented buildings from the greenery of my home town.

Here No one is interested in gardening or planting plants stating lack of space as a reason but still there are a few plant lovers out here. 

Why can’t we get a few plants and adjust them in the minimal place that we have.The beauty of it is just enough to brighten up your morning and it will provide you with the fresh air  and it also increase the aesthetic beauty of your home and whatelse when each flower blooms you feel so happy.

See the difference between the pics and it holds the answer and the difference can be felt.

With love-Crystal.❤❤❤

Teacher in a box.

Teacher’s shouldn’t wear lipstick,lipbalm,kajal,heels,leggings, nail polish,churidar,fancy earrings, tatoo and the list goes on and in some schools Saree is compulsory every single day.There is not even the freedom to wear churidar.what’s the point,I don’t understand?

They say that if teacher wear saree students feel to give respect and if teacher wear churidar they don’t feel to.Is it so?But to concentrate completely on work ,you need to wear what’s comfortable to you.

Ya  ,I agree that ,if you go to teach as if you are going to a party ,then it might affect the class as students gets distracted but what’s the problem in using the basic things that everyone use.I don’t think a person’s appearance has any relation with the quality of teaching and no one will enter school as glamous,so I feel these restrictions as silly.

I used to think then If Aishwarya rai joins for teaching,they might reject her saying that you are too beautiful for this profession and that’s absolutely unfair.

It’s not actually about makeup or anything.we are not able express ourself in outward appearance or in inside thoughts.

As soon as you say a teacher,a person with a serious face comes to our mind and they expect you to fit in that box in all the ways .no innovative thoughts,no variety,just follow what was already set.The main problem is you cannot express.

I think artists are blessed in this,they can be however they are,let it be there thoughts or there art,everything is free restrictions  and no pressure to hide themself.

Teaching is a nice profession but very formal and rules and restrictions are a lot which makes many people not to choose this.

A lot has changed and now a days a lot of schools allow comfortable dress code and a friendly atmosphere to work.I am not generalising ,I am saying about the schools that I have seen.

Mainly our intention is to teach the students but by being in the box.

What’s your thoughts on this?

These are my thoughts .your thoughts might vary.

With love-crystal.