Make a wish

That shooting star ,that lost its spark and faded in to the dark sky, to make your wish true.

With love-Crystal.



Hiding in the shell.

Hiding in the Shell ,                           Away from the hell.                       Tremor cracking my shell,             propagating from the heavy footsteps. I hided and crawled towards the corner,Their devilish ways and their wicked smile,I could see with my ears , blessed to be blind,I felt. 

I did an act of valour ,I poked and poked ,at the end, I saw a beam of light ,a ray of hope giving me the glimpse of  a beautiful world.

Those footsteps disappeared in  to the  thin air, to the nightmare that only my racing heart encountered, an encounter with humans.Let me put it right.


With love-Crystal.

My dad is a badthameez!!!

Teacher was so irritated by the naughty child that he scolded him back and forth.

The child was silent all through out, each arrows digging in to his ears and 40 eyes piercing him from all the corners of the classroom .

After some time, his foot steps came closer to the wooden desk where the teacher was engaged in his paper works.

“Sir,anyways I won’t be here anymore, I won’t be here at parents had a big fight and my dad is sending us out of the home.we are going back to our state,punjab.

Teacher took his head out of the bundle of papers and looked at him in dismay.

He pulled the boy closer and asked in a soft voice “Wat did you say?say it again.” 

His face was clear like a new paper,no traces of emotions anywhere and his pearly teeths moved to utter 

“Yes sir,my dad is a badtameez(mannerless person) and he beats us up . I and my baby sister are shifting with our grand parents so I won’t be able to attend the school again and I won’t trouble anyone anymore.”

Something just went through his veins.

Is that the way the 1st grade kid described it? or  Is it a tint of a familier pain which passed like electricity between them?

With love-Crystal.

She Belongs to the past!!

Janesh asked jia to wait until he clears all his responsibilities.           

without uttering a word jia waited…….she waited until his 4digit salary turned in to 6digit ones……   she waited until his siblings got settled and had a great life……….      she waited until his rented home turned in to a fully furnished apartment…..

she waited for earth to rotate around sun ten times and barren land to turn in to forest engulfing her with in it.

Her waiting finally ended when he found someone from the present and this time too she didn’t utter a word. her tiny footsteps disappeared in the doorways to the past.



With love-crystal.

Do you foresee things?

I foresee things in dreams before it even happens,it just happened more than 15 times and many dreams I saw came true.

I saw a dream that I was going in the bus and the bus slowed down in an accident site and I could only get a glimpse of the accident and I asked someone who that is,they told the name of a friend ‘varun’ whom I had lost the contact with and I didn’t take the dream seriously and later I came to know that varun had met with a very serious accident and was in comma for a week but meraculously survived and I also came to know that one more collegemate whom I also had lost contact with ‘ varun’ was going to the jim in the morning and met with an accident and died on spot .whose accident did I see in dream? was it coincidental that two people with same name met with an accident almost same time of an year ? The thing is I already saw it and I feel guilty that I couldn’t warn them about this and even If I say nobody would believe.

Another day when the t.v news told about a possible threat of a terrorist attack,I don’t know why I felt that this time it would be a school and then I thought that noone is that merciless to kill innocent kids and later when I came to know the peshwar attack on army school and I was saddened.
None of my dreams are pleasant,        it always shows me a warning or impedding danger .later I found out that I see the things before it happens.Before I used to ignore it  and now I started to analyse what the dreams are trying to tell me and try to take the precautions.But all the dreams didn’t happen and some are vague and I forget it and sometimes I remember it suddenly,the details and sometimes things happens exactly as I saw it in the dreams.

I have tried to explain this to friends but none believed .I have no idea why it happens and it doesn’t happen all the time though.

 Do you also feel the same way?

With love-Crystal.