Hai ,everyone I am crystalamay from crystalamay.wordpress.com and even though this looks like my first post,I am not new to blogging ,I have few months of experience in it ,then you might be thinking 

where were you?

Don’t ask me because I myself don’t know where I was.

Due to some circumstances ,I had to delete my old blog and restart the new one so I expect the support from my old followers and new one’s also welcome.

I didn’t want to change my name but wordpress made me to add one extra’ y’ that is from crystalamay to crystalamayy ….as if its asking me

 yyyyy have you come back?

Sorry,because I  can’t stay away:)

I miss my followers and I don’t know how to search for them.

With love 


41 thoughts on “Welcome 

  1. Hey, yes. I thought I know the name but when I show that I haven’t followed u I was little bit confused. But, it’s clear now. It’s really tough. It’s like all our thoughts and memories get lost with just one wrong click 😦

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  2. I know we talked that day, but I don’t know how your blog slipped out of my visiting list!
    But I am so glad I got my blogger friend back Nd I’ve followed you too so that I don’t miss your wonderful posts Di!!

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