Do you feel so much?Bleeding scenes.

I was reading the book “A thousand splendid suns” by Khaled Hosseini and I had to stop it in the middle and what’s the reason behind it? ?

I will tell you in the end.

The entire story revolves around Mariam,the main character. Mariam is born as a result of a wealthy man Jalil’s affair with houseworker Nana .

 Jalil didn’t take any responsibility of his deed as its his illegitimate child .He didn’t accept them infront of everyone but he secretly arranged for a shelter for Nana and Mariam far away from his visibility and He stayed with his wives and children in the town.

Jalil used to visit Mariam occasionally and Mariam was very attached to her dad and Nana warned her many times not be believe him as he had already betrayed them but Mariam was so innocent and she believed jalil so much.

There is a scene where Mariam leaves her mother who loved her so much and goes in search of her father,even after the repeated warning by her mother.

when she didn’t come back that day her mother lonely and sad ,commits suicide thinking that Mariam also left her and later Mariam realises that whatever her mother told about jalil was true and the pain he inflicted to her mother was immense and she missed her all through out .

After reading this scene I was so pained that I didn’t touch that book for months together.

Does it happen with you too,certain scenes touches you so deeply,same happens when writing too ,when writing some emotions.

Has this happened to you too?if so,when?

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With Love-Crystal.


9 thoughts on “Do you feel so much?Bleeding scenes.

    1. And the pain is excruciating and I try to run away or postpone but the question is we can’t become a writer with put facing that and thats the thing,I dont know how the great writers and all write highly emotional scenes?did they also feel the way we felt?

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      1. You are so right..
        I would believe so…

        But these emotions make your writing so much more intriguing because the reader feels all the passion you put in..

        Don’t stop writing…. and don’t stop feelings and putting all your emotions in

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      2. That’s rite,with out feeling it from heart,it can’t generate that feeling in the readers.I saw a quote which says There is nothing to writing .
        All you should do is sitdown at a typewriter and bleed.

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