Puppets of love

Do not blame people in love,They behave in a weird way due to higher levels of love hormone oxytocin and controlling a hormone is a herculious task,They are just the puppets in the hands of those love hormones and are not going to listen to whatever you say,that’s why a genius quotted “Love is blind”.😍😵😇.

And they are going to jump in to all the wells as possible and get drenched and sometimes would drown too.

It is such an intense feeling that it will show you hell or heaven or sometimes both so think before jumping in love because after that you are going to loose your ability to think too.😵.

Am I supporting or opposing love?

I don’t even know,I am in a narrow bridge between both.

Love is a beautiful feeling worth falling for but whatever it is Don’t forget yourself,Don’t throw away valuable you ,Always value yourself first then the rest because at last you need to deal alone because All the other things in world are temporary,it can fade away,Hormones fades away too    but not the inner soul in you.


With love-Crystal.


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