Shameless Media

Recently a young south Indian actress got molested by her driver and ex driver in the middle of the night and they even took her obscene photographs. Media wrongly reported it as rape and mercilessly revealed her name .

How can they be so merciless and cruel ???They increased the channel views by letting the actress name out ,who is very famous and acted in almost 70movies.

What about her life now?will anyone give her movies again?people will look at her in a different perception now?who will marry her?what about her career?

People are so selfish,they only think about them and their gain and don’t give value for others.

Latest news-she got engaged to her fiance ,soom after the incident and everything has carmed down.

With anger-Crystal


8 thoughts on “Shameless Media

  1. It’s really pathetic that the media has to stoop down to this level to increase their viewers ! I have nominated you for the “versatile blogger award”…you can either choose to participate or not,it’s your choice.Hope you participate and it’s great that you cover social concerning issues !!

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