Mira loves Riya.

Sun was setting,the golden glow in the sky slowly started to diminish as if it’s putting an end to all the Insignificant stories.

Mira stood near the window of her room.Her jet black hair swirled in the wind blowing through the window.She felt that even the wind is by the side of society.It collects all the negative vibes from around the city and visits her uninvited just to shower her with blessings of bad luck .

Her eyes wandered in the darkness prevailing outside in search of a beam of hope.

She was restless.she cracked her knuckles trying to unlease the tension. Her hands were held tightly to the window panes as if it’s trying desperately to hold on to somethings precious .
All of a sudden Mira turned towards Riya who was standing behind her .

The intensity in Mira’s eyes pierced the dark brown eye’s of Riya.         she felt a shiver down her spine .    At that very moment, she knew that Mira has decided something and she was sure that it will be something outrageous and scary as always.

“Riya ,I will ,I will go to any extent for you, I don’t want to loose you at any cost .” Her voice trembled as she spoke.

“But,what ?what are you going to do?please tell me clearly.                Told Mira in a quivering voice.      Her nervousness was evident in her tone.

Mira came near to Riya ,held her hands and uttered.         

“Riya, we both know that our parent’s came to know everything about us and they are already searching allience for you.

Society,even our parents,no one will accept our relationship .

The only way I see infront is to undergo a sex change surgery          so that we can lead a respectable life is society and who know’s your parent’s  also might accept and love me in future.

And you don’t say anything ,I have decided everything “.

Riya’s eyes widened,her ear’s couldn’t believe what she just heard ,so it echoed her words until it could digest .

“What?Are you crazy?”told Riya in utter shock.

“Yes,I am crazy in love with you and  I am ready to do anything for you” Mira’s face radiated the spark of determination as she spoke.

“Riya,But promise me, promise me that you will wait for me till I come back as a new person.”

Tears started to flow from Mira’s eyes as she spoke and Riya dabbed off the tears from her eyes and uttered

“I Promise,I will wait for you”.

Wind blew even fiercely at that moment strong enough to flip the paper boat,upside down.

……………….Months passed…………………

 He stood near the same window and his eye’s were rather numb .   He became Mohit from Mira just as the spring season was replaced by hot summer and all those beautiful flowers and dreams dried up under the scorching heat of the sun.

Wind was still blowing but his hair was short this time ,It refused to swirl in the wind,just like a man’s pride.

Riya succembled to the pressure of society and became Mrs Riya vinod and lived a respectable life with her husband and kids.

He still wished her happiness but he lived a life not accepted by family and friends .

He was like that drama artist who couldn’t change his attire ever after the drama was over and life laughed at his face mercilessly.

First try on a short story .Please provide the Feedback as it helps me to improve.

With love-Crystal.


15 thoughts on “Mira loves Riya.

  1. i still feel bringing that change wasnt a good idea.. i understand society’s pressure on the relationship but sex change wasnt a good idea , they loved for what they were , their souls united for being what they were . nothing wrong. i donot blame the other person also who married and settled because she might have gone thru enormous pressure.

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    1. Ya ,eve she can’t be fully blamed and even I don’t actually understand what made her to take such drastic decision to undergo the surgery.its ma imagination,may be something else had happened and in news they don’t go much in detail.

      Liked by 1 person

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