Appu’s video game.

Appu’s Dad gifted him a videogame, this time for his birthday .

Appu’s happiness reached the highest extremes .His summer vacation had started and he was already digging in to the monotony of those days .Things will be exciting now as he got something to look forward to.

It had the yellow keyboard with switches painted in red,an arrow to the right is to make the gunman to jump to right,an arrow to the left is to make gunman to jump to left and a button to Increase the speed and one more button to decrease the speed and a few more tiny buttons .

Appu handed over the keyboard to grandma and explained the features of each button to her ,with great enthusiasm as he wished grandma to play with him,his only companion.

“Well!!It all looks same for me!!.”Grandma exclaimed with a Impassive look on her face.

“Go ,grandma this is why everyone calls you grandma,you don’t know anything.”Appu told in anger and snatched it from her.

Appu’s days started with games and ended with games.He had made a world away from the real world which he hated as he didn’t have any friends and fun in it.His new world was filled with a lot of joy,where he had the complete control over the gunman and his life.

And unfortunately on ,one day his beloved video game took its last breath.

Appu desperately tried to repair it,wrenching the nut and bolt,with the limited knowledge he possessed but nothing seemed to work out.

Appu got immersed in to the thoughts ,searching for a solution .The shop near the junction, where the four roads met striked his mind and the owner was a pale person with a mostache so thick and they called him moustache man.

Appu had seen him repairing Tv and radio and he owned a screwdriver and few tools and Appu used to look at the way he ripped open the Tv and admired him and observed carefully the process with an inquisitive mind.

Appu handed over the videogame to the moustache man,even if he didn’t want to let go of it but to get it repaired he was ready to do anything as it was very precious to him.

Days passed ,everyday Appu used to go to the shop,every time the owner told lame excuses and send him back but Appu didn’t loose hope,   he went in his cycle almost everyday and rang the bell, until the moustache man would yell at him.

Months passed ,Appu was very sad,It was like,Someone smashed his imaginary world and crushed the wall of joy,that he build.

Finally Appu decided to go to moustache man’s house to ask,   one more time.

The door of the house was open,   There was no one around and Appu Quietly peeped in.

The site he saw send a shiver down his spine.

There was the owner’s son with something in hand ,He looked carefully, He couldn’t believe what he just saw.  

 It was his videogame, He identified it.yes,the same video game!!!

It was working fine, The boy was so immersed in the game and he was playing with a lot of excitement. 

Tears rolled down Appu’s rosy cheeks,he left with out saying anything.He never asked for his video game again .

He left that memory behind as      his parents didn’t have time to question the moustache man because they had better things to do,that is fighting over trivial issues so he never told his parents anything about it and buried it with in.


few things are better left unsaid.
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Do you like to know more about Appu and read more about him?       A series perhaps,if you find Appu interesting.

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With love-Crystal.


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