Love at first sight.

A glimpse of him, I caught,
His eyes, glowing like a sun and as a sunflower, I turn.

His smile,emitting fragrance,     puts me in a trance,

silk,his hair,swirled in wind and his forehead,it caressed.

Tall he stood ,his radiance dragged me in, to the heaven of love,

Heaven with roses,red and white,their fragrance I craved.

Fierce like a storm and at times , like a stream, so peaceful,he seemed,

He in black jeans and a white shirt tucked in.

White ,the purity of his soul,to which, entangled my soul,

on a journey ,Ever since the beginning of time.

But How do I know him?I mused ,

You know him ,the moment you met him.

my soul hold the answer. 

P.s-No experience in love at first sight,just an imagination.

Those who have experience can comment below, how it feels.😜.

Photo courtesy-google.

With love-Crystal.


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