You are a Diamond.

The four walls that heard your suppressed cries,the closed door that sealed your dark secrets , even the fluffy pillow which comforted you, knows that what happened to you is unfair.

You are suffering because of the mistake someone else did,you are mercilessly punishing yourself for their false deeds,you made yourself so vulnerable,so naive ,that you put yourself in the mercy of others and allowed other’s to walk on you with their dirty feet,back and forth.

After all, what choice you have?           Do you have a choice other than suffering?

You might say,It’s my fate,pain is what I deserve and I will live a life drenched in it.

Who told you that?                                 who told you that you have to suffer?

You are light to the world,you came here to light up the darkness and don’t let yourself to get engulfed and extinguished by it .

Remind Yourself ,you have a choice,you always had a choice,

In this moment,this very moment ,Stand up for yourself and promise yourself,No matter what they do ,you are not going to get hurt again,No matter how bad their actions and how punitive their words are,you are not going to carry the pain for them, like a donkey who carries the bundle of piled up dirty clothes and most Importantly,  you are not going to suffer for those,who don’t even give a damn about you.

Work on yourself,make yourself stronger And if you are scared of something face it,if you are scared of pain, face it ,if you are scared of heights,try bungy jumping Instead,face your worst fears , Because the only way to be stronger is by beating the things that pulls you down,by defeating the things that you are scared of so that their is nothing to be afraid of.

Once you surpass that most difficult phase in your life ,trust me,there is no looking back ,nothing can no longer touch you nor can make you drop a tear.

The storm will pass taking away all the dark clouds with it and middle of the settling dust,you will shine like a diamond so alluring and just a willingness to work on yourself is all that you need.

P.s-I have written it For those who are feeling helpless and weak.

Let me know ,if it was helpful.


48 thoughts on “You are a Diamond.

  1. Ah, I just wrote a poem about similar feelings. πŸ™‚ I loved this, the detail, the explanation and everything. This will speak to so many people and hopefully give them hope and courage. I loved this. ❀

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  2. Can anybody be so kind as you Crys. Wonderful . this must motivate many. And yeah we always have choices . no matter how much pain we pursue, we need to overcome that. Why suffer because of someone else’s fault.

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      1. I am pretty amazing, as usual! Enjoying my three months holiday (finally three months holiday, because I am leaving my school to get admission in new one, and new schools will admit after the announcement of the results)

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      2. They don’t offer pcm(b) to anyone. It’s against their school policy! They think that students can’t handle it and also, there are hardly more than three or four students who opt for all the subjects!

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