Grant me, one more day-Nature.

Grant me ,one more day, to live,

And let me dwell in the beauty of the blue sky,

Lying on those meadows with dainty flowers and grass so green,tickling my back,


Tracing , the pearly clouds dancing around,with my eyes,

The chirping of birds,fluttering of butterflies ,blossoming of flowers,

The flock of birds flying so high ,I will gaze with a sigh!!


The grand entry of sun,with splash of light,
Its farewell ,leaving all its colours orange,red,Yellow ,behind ,for me to rejoice,


Let me crawl on the rainbow and wipe away tears of the sky,
Let me count the stars in the sky and borrow their sparkle,till I meet them again,

Let me drench in those tranquill lagoon in the middle of the forest,

Where the peacock dances to the nature’s tone.

Grant me one more day ,

so I could relive life ,one last time.


P.s-The things we take for granted are actually very precious.
With love -Crystal.


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