Kiss of pain.

 I am inside a bubble of sadness,    Memories of a decade, choking me up,  I was once a winner,as you were  beside me ,                                        Burying all the thoughts that made me  weak.

In this moment,I realise,                             They are back,aggressive as ever, swallowing everything on the way,  And there I stand as a looser,      Engulfed by my own thoughts,   Burned in to ashes by the kiss of pain.

The broken words,the bleeding promises,                                     Competing for a place to destroy me,     I am aware of the harm they cause,   but I surrender myself as,                           I once believed in something abstract.

P.s- I was asked , what the abstract is and the abstract is LOve.

 Take it as a mere work of fiction,similarity to anyone is accidental.

This is the one from my previous blog,just re-posting it,if you have already  read it just,Ignore.


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