Is it life or a contract to suffer?

When I look around,noone is living .   all are just suffering which makes me think .

What’s going on?Is life the synonym of suffering or Have we all signed a life time contract to suffer?

life was much easier in childhood and during school or college times.The responsibility of adulthood is immense.

If I have 30in watsupp contact.Everyone of them is in pain except one or two who boasts of a jovial life and a few who have the ability to create a smile hiding all the misery underneath.

And a few not willing to play according to life’s wishes ends their life too .

What is life?I wonder…

Comment ur opinion below

With love-Crystal.


13 thoughts on “Thought???

  1. Crystal, there is a lot (too much) suffering in the world. But if you are seeing more people suffering than enjoying life, maybe you’re not looking far enough. Life sucks sometimes, but not all the time! I hope you don’t really feel this way.

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    1. Hmm,I don’t know why but the circle or the small world I am surrounded by ,I am only seeing wasn’t in the case before I used to see people enjoy.May be I am sad and I am also attracting similar vibes I do not know.but out of 30 people28people are in immense pain but noone is giving up.all r trying to be strong.thank u for ur positive words:)

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  2. Hmmm..add me in whatsapp..them you can see another trait other than 30 contacts😂😂…just kidding..but actually people are becoming like artificial beings..and they are unable to enjoy small small things..but they are ready to suffer for smal things..people are continuously comparing with others…

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  3. Life may be filled with many obstacles and suffering. But all that may lead to a good and prosperous life. Just like a knife sharpen by a rock, our life too must have sufferings to make it sharp and perfect. Everything has a purpose. So does Life. It’s our duty to find it out. ❤

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