Think +-

 People say to think positive always.      I have a different strategy.Think positive as well as negative.if positive happens well and good and if negative happens ,you will be well equipped how to deal with it and you can manage with out a heart break as already you have planned about it and have a back up option.

You are eagerly waiting for interview results,now there are two might get selected or you might not get selected.if you get selected,then well and good.if you get rejected then instead of getting upset about it you would try for other jobs as you have already thought about negative aspect of it and planned ahead.

So think in both ways positive as well as negative.

What is your strategy?

Comment below.

With love-Crystal.


10 thoughts on “Think +-

  1. Let go expectations…. Trust in the Universe there is nothing right or wrong, positive or negative. All dualities are of mind in reality they are one. Only if there is darkness light can come in. Only after pain we can know pleasure. Just Be is how I see life because at times if we get into the negative side, things can go hard and hurt us bad because when we are happy we know it but in state of confusion we get more suffering. My view may not be agreed by all or any. 🙏


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