You have the remote of your life.


I recently went through a video which made me change my perspective on certain things.

when someone hurts us ,we say them that you hurt me .we want them to apologize so that we can feel good again.we think that the wound is caused by them so they only should do something to heal it.

lets think in another perspective .  The other person actually did’t hurt us .we used her words or action to hurt our-self  so it depends on us whether we want to let it affect us or not.The wound is made by us and so only we have the ability to heal us. We are totally in control and we can let other’s action or words not to affect us.

eg:someone is angry on us and shouting at top of their voice saying hurtful have two options is to shout back at them and get it affect you and your mood or to keep quiet and don’t get affected by anything that person says.choose the second option for a peaceful and happy life and may be it comes with a lot of practice.

know that happiness is a inside job and you are totally in control of how you want to feel.promise yourself that whatever the other person is saying i am not gonna let it affect me.its difficult to practice but not impossible and you will end up a lot more stronger , peaceful and carm.

sister shivani of Brahmakumari gives awesome advice on life and relationships and I am totally impressed  by her.

Share your thoughts on this.

check out her videos

with love-Crystal.


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