Teacher in a box.

Teacher’s shouldn’t wear lipstick,lipbalm,kajal,heels,leggings, nail polish,churidar,fancy earrings, tatoo and the list goes on and in some schools Saree is compulsory every single day.There is not even the freedom to wear churidar.what’s the point,I don’t understand?

They say that if teacher wear saree students feel to give respect and if teacher wear churidar they don’t feel to.Is it so?But to concentrate completely on work ,you need to wear what’s comfortable to you.

Ya  ,I agree that ,if you go to teach as if you are going to a party ,then it might affect the class as students gets distracted but what’s the problem in using the basic things that everyone use.I don’t think a person’s appearance has any relation with the quality of teaching and no one will enter school as glamous,so I feel these restrictions as silly.

I used to think then If Aishwarya rai joins for teaching,they might reject her saying that you are too beautiful for this profession and that’s absolutely unfair.

It’s not actually about makeup or anything.we are not able express ourself in outward appearance or in inside thoughts.

As soon as you say a teacher,a person with a serious face comes to our mind and they expect you to fit in that box in all the ways .no innovative thoughts,no variety,just follow what was already set.The main problem is you cannot express.

I think artists are blessed in this,they can be however they are,let it be there thoughts or there art,everything is free flowing.no restrictions  and no pressure to hide themself.

Teaching is a nice profession but very formal and rules and restrictions are a lot which makes many people not to choose this.

A lot has changed and now a days a lot of schools allow comfortable dress code and a friendly atmosphere to work.I am not generalising ,I am saying about the schools that I have seen.

Mainly our intention is to teach the students but by being in the box.

What’s your thoughts on this?

These are my thoughts .your thoughts might vary.

With love-crystal.


14 thoughts on “Teacher in a box.

  1. I have heard about this in my school too… I mean, I know eavesdropping is a bad thing, but it came to me that teachers were not treated properly and were financially exploited by not paying them proper salary, firing them before promotion. I think it’s really disgusting. There is not a single problem in our education system, there are manh. And not only students suffer but teachers also. Few months ago, i heard a new about a student locking his teacher in the washroom and harassing her, I mean, how sick is this!

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    1. Ya actually teaching is the most difficult profession but they are treated the worst and they even fire you on the spot with out a notice or prior information for silly things.one of the teacher took 10days vacation leave by informing school and when she was back the job was gone,such the case of elder teachers having many years of experience .no respect at all.If the schools only not showing proper consern then y to blame students.

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      1. Exactly! Teaching a very respected profession in my eyes but when I told one of my elder friend that I would like to be a lecturer. He laughed at me like I was a fool. His words were “Teacher to koi bhi ban sakta hai. Be somethink like IAS” and I was like, agar teacher nahi hote to IAS kahan se hote!

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      2. Ya even I don’t understand why people disrespects the profession.when I say students that you will know how you troubled the teachers only when you become a teacher then they say that we are not interested ,we want to be engineer’s. I think its because of low salary in teaching to some extend.They say that because they don’t know about teaching,ask them to take a class then they will know how tough job it is.

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  2. Its a realistic ques sometimes there are like lots of these kinda stupid rules that we have to face in our society. I guess only thing that is responsible for this is partial modernisation in our country its a real disaster when half of the community is modern and other half is still pumped in with all old thoughts none of them like to compromise.

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  3. i must say dress according to situation/occasion/place .. lets say im going for an interview.. although im technically strong , its silly if i wear torn and faded jeans with slippers on , funky printed . bright colored t shirt on the occasion and say focus on my words, just because i feel i look cool in this. right ? yes its correct that you have to wear whats comfortable. it enhances your confidence level to great extent . but wear something which is appropriate to the situation . my thoughts are not confined to sarees here ..

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    1. Have I thought y is it so?that’s because someone has set the rules in that way and all of us are following.actually it’s confusing to decide wats rite or wrong.agree with u in some points.thanks fr time.

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