She brought a new mobile thinking  that she could call and speak to him everyday .

she wore her specks every single time to use the phone as her vision made everything to look so cloudy .

she pressed hardly on each numbers on the touch screen with the inexperience of a fresher meantime with lot of patience .   

she waited endlessly on the other side of the busy tone .

 she kept the mobile near to her all the time until she realised that the only call she got was from the sim company for the business purpose.

But one fine day it happened

The call connected.

The voice from the other side spoke

“Hello mom,” I am so Sorry for never calling you,I was so busy with my life that I didn’t have any time for you.”

“Are you her son?”The receiver at the end asked in a harsh voice.

Yes, he told nervously shocked by the voice of a stranger instead of his mom’s.

“She called you many times to let you know about her deteriorating health condition but only to be deafened by the busy tone of your phone.           

 She kept the phone near her hospital bed till she was taken in to the Icu ,Hoping that you might call her back seeing her missed calls .

Her conditin is very critical now as she has slipped in to a comma and chance of survival is too less.”

A shiver went down his spine .             A cloud of emotions and regret rained over him persuading to be with him forever.

P.s-We realise value of anyone only after we lose them.

 No one will wait for your call the way your parent’s does and we take them for granted always.

Call them today and see how they will react.


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