You will survive.

Believe me you have gone through the worst of things and you survived it,you will survive this too……

Depressed and suicidal people are at its worst .you are not alone,there are a lot of people going through it,keep moving forward and have hope and surely you will get through it.

When you go through bad times,remember a few bad incidents of life and remember how you survived and this self affirmation will give a strength to face bad times .

Think in this way that, I have survived the worst so this is nothing big for me ,I will get through this too.

With love-Crystal.


36 thoughts on “You will survive.

  1. Yeah..this is really a good one..I have even listen to this similar kind of thing in several motivational videos..time shall pass..once we may have experienced the worst and thought of same..but it will pass

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      1. But I was lucky enough to have a friend who send me for meditation ,through that I overcame and felt that noone else cared.I also should try meditation and yoga and see the difference.

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      2. Ya that’s what we need to care ourself even if others don’t . ya a lot of people end up in suicide that’s sad but as we have gone through it we know how difficult it is to survive but suicide is foolishness.

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      3. Moreover beautifully written,I don’t find any other article about depression that touched me and the last lines, is death depression or depression the death,no words to describe,awesome.


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