Antidote for happiness.

I turned around and looked at her on hearing an unexpected question.

Her eyes were shallow,there was just nothing,it was like a pool without any motion.

Her hair wasn’t combed nor tied .   she remained in a sculpture state without much movements other than the movement of her lips and blinking of her eyes.

She repeated the question, seeing the puzzled look on my face.

I asked”How are you able to smile?”

Is there an answer to that question.?    It made the innocent kid to think and  she couldn’t find any answer.
She asked me again,I want to know,    ” How do you feel happy.”?                    ” How are you able to smile.”?

I didn’t know what to say,I was a school kid laughing around with       my friends and I hadn’t lost the happiness at that point to speak about it or to know more about it.

I couldn’t give her the antidote of happiness and my answer to her was silence because I was thinking about it in vain.

But now I realise exactly what she was talking about.

later I came to know that she was a rape victim as well as in severe depression.

P.s-This is what depression and rape feels like .Be kind to them.


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