World needs sensitive people.

When I was having a conversation with friend’s ,one point in the conversation striked me .

My friend’s are the sweetest and the most selfless people I ever know,the people with good souls and make the world a good place to live in .

Almost all my friends learned the same lessons by the bitter life experiences they had and that are

1.Love yourself and take care of yourself first.

2.Be selfish,think of your feelings and your life first.

3.Do not get too attached to anyone ,keep a distance as it hurts like hell.

4.Do not sacrifice everything for other’s and do not put other’s infront of you.

5.Think practically and don’t take impulsive emptional decisions.

Then I realised that even if our life experiences  were different,we all learned the same lessons at the end.

I am just thinking that if all the good souls also hardens up like this,how our world would be,there will be no angels ,our world will be filled with only devil’s ,turning the angels also in to the devils.

Imagine being surrounded by selfish people,no sacrifices,no emotions,only the practical thinking and mechanical life,How frustating It would be?That’s where we are headed to,our world is headed to.

World needs nice  ,sensitive people like you which makes the stay in the world beautiful and a life worth living.

With love-Crystal.


24 thoughts on “World needs sensitive people.

  1. the world has more good and angels than you know
    but they do not want the attention
    they waft on the wind
    and answer you cries again and again
    but you must take care
    where you cast your heart!

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  2. Greesh…. do you think you that this state is the final state of emotions…never….at present you won’t agree to whatever I say in disagreement to that…but you will understand on your own…..this earth can never be mechanical….

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      1. Yup..perceptions must vary from people to people…my point was I also used to have that neutrally emotional state..but it does not end there….oh, in fact my blog description says mind to have a look…

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  3. I fully agree with your perspective…if we sensitive people harden our hearts (in response to being wounded) the cycle will continue…like dominoes, kind-hearteness will become a thing of the past and everyone would feel even more vulnerable. Those of us who understand this must continue to encourage each other to stay true to our sensitive natures…thanks for being such a great role model 🙂

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      1. I think the fact that you feel sad you have hardened is part of the process of holding on to your true nature. Being hurt and wanting to protect yourself is understandable…setting the boundaries that protect us from the toxic effects of hurt is a journey….that of figuring out how to make our sensitivity work for us; rather than having it used against us. I find it really helpful to connect with people who are determined to be sensitive as well as healthy/peaceful….those who know that sensitivity is an admirable gift worth fighting for. You may feel that you have hardened, but your sadness proves you are still a sensitive soul 🙂

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    1. I am really loving your thoughts on this subject, i’ve been having a hard time relating to a close friend who because of a previous relationship now has mechanical emotions and i am hoping to use lessons ive learnt on here to post something on my blog

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