A child’s forgiveness

She was on tears .Her chubby cheeks were red as her teacher beated her black and blue infront of the entire class.It was more than a small child could handle,she broke down.

principal saw this incident in cctv . Teacher and child were immediately called to the office.            

She scolded the teacher rashly as   any capital punishments were against school rules.

she decided to terminate her as she didn’t follow the code of conduct of the institution.

Before taking any action she called the child in and asked the child,

 “Shall I terminate your teacher?From tomorrow a new teacher will take the charge of your class.”

She nodded her head in agreement . 

Childs eyes suddenly lingered on a slender figure standing outside principal’s room ,That was her teacher,waiting for her destiny.

She looked at her teacher one last time. Her teacher was visibly tensed and worried .It was written on her face that she regretted for being rash to the child.
A lot of memories flashed in her mind.The way her teacher caressed her chubby cheeks,the way teacher made her cinderalla of the story and danced with her,the way her teacher shared her food ,when she forgot her lunch one day.the way they laughed ,the way they sang rhymes together.

 The child’s eyes filled with tears of love and suddenly she yelled

 “No,please don’t remove her.     please,please don’t remove her.”

Principal was surprised by this sudden outburst .

she asked her again 

“She might beat you again”is that ok?

Child replied,” It’s ok ,but please dont remove her.”
The teacher wasn’t terminated due to request of child and the teacher didn’t have any words to express her feelings other than the tears of joy in her eyes.

Based on a real story.

P.s-When someone does one wrong,we usually forget all the right things they did.This child teaches us forgiveness which we adults hesitate to practice.

With love-Crystal.


7 thoughts on “A child’s forgiveness

  1. Oh! You’re so right, it’s imperative not to overlook other kind deeds of someone when they are not a repeat offender because otherwise it would also reflect on you personality as well. Forgiveness is essential for peace as well as for being kind in certain situations.

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