perfect online life

When you look around in online platforms, people are buying a new house,ending up in a great job,looking glamorous,starting a family,boasting about how blessed they are for having a great partner,children etc and bombing your notifications with their picture perfect life and here you are, thinking ,what the hell is wrong with your life?and this can make you really unpleasant ,thinking that your life sucks and they all are having a great life .

Have you felt this by seeing the updates on facebook,whatsupp or any other social media?

my question is have you observe that you automatically smile when some one takes a photo of you,even if you are very sad at that moment same way we are trained to portray only good side of life to others,noone is in need of sympathy.Hiding behind this perfect life there might be lot of imperfections and we think that everyones life is perfect and only we are stranded in an island alone or walking in the road in left direction where all the people are going to right.

I am sure that the fake social media might be irritating lot of people.

And I feel it’s better to spend some time in wordpress where you get to know  and feel different thoughts and feelings,not fake atleast and you learn something good from this than simply scrolling down on facebook .

Share your thoughts on this.

With love-Crystal.


4 thoughts on “perfect online life

  1. my thoughts
    are why would anyone
    think i give a fuck
    what they are doing?
    is like an unwanted chain letter
    i simply do not care
    about you
    i care about me first
    that being said
    yes the mask
    does not come off
    all that much
    after all
    these days!

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  2. Yes social media sites give a fake reflection of people’s life.Moreover it is not about feeling sulky seeing others’ life but what amazes me is that people are not even natural while making poses.
    One should have the courage to display their real selves without the fear of rejection whether with or without any adornments.
    Anyways this is the very reason that demotivates me from joining these platforms.


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