You can.

If you think you can then you can and if you think you can’t then you can’t,its all depend on your thinking.


4 thoughts on “You can.

  1. It also depends on how realistic you are. I mean, let’s face it: flying through the air without wings or an aircraft… Not very likely to succeed on that.

    But I agree in the way that it’s more powerful when you tell yourself you can’t do something as opposed to other people telling you that. It’s a mindset thing.

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    1. Agree with you in some points.Ya it depends actually for eg:we can’t stop death but research is going on to find out what makes us old so that if they could find that we can stop ageing and who knows anything can happen next.yes, we can’t fly with out wings but some body thought that yes,I can fly and he came out with an alternative method to achieve it and that’s why we are able to fly in different ways now.
      A great comment which made me think,thanks.

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