How sad is that everything in life has a is kind of sad but that’s the reality.

If you fail in love,you just look for other fish in the ocean and find love again.if your marriage don’t end in success ,then you can marry again.if you end up dying today,you need not worry about your job,the very next day someone will take the charge.

If your husband or wife is not good just replace them,replace the old friend with new friend,replace the old boyfriend with new boyfriend. 

And its the truth that if we are replaced by someone,it hurts the most,we evaluate our self again and again that do we really had any value in their life?

I wonder about the meaning of life.

Is this why the yogis like to be detached and in solitude,to avoid all the pain associated with worldly pleasures?

Is there anything in life that can’t be replaced?

Comment below.

With love-Crystal.


Grilled children.

The first grade is loaded with lot of portions that I have never struggled this way,not even in high school to finish the portions.

Everyday children come to school and only thing they do is write whatever notes we give on the blackboard and by writing their skills are so developed that some of them finish along with me and they now love writing and they plead me to give them notes all the time and have already finished two books in each subject,I feel sad about that.

And they have their exams lined up ,back to back all the time with so many lessons .They love to share their stories while teaching but where do we have time to listen to them?

They love to draw but they hardly have a period a week.They love to run and play but the playground is reduced to just a terrace.

They love to do so many things and we are aware of that but we are forced only to complete the portions .

I being in creative side had encouraged them to draw and decorate the class,let them at least express through that and be happy and then there are teachers who comments,Is this a classroom or exhibition hall?

And there are parents who says,the only thing they are doing in home is drawing and nothing else. Comon,if you are just over burdening them with  the pressure of studies,what else they will do?if you give them time and make teaching a enjoyable thing ,then you will see them loving it but being teachers we are helpless with the enormous contents and lack of time we have.

One day when I taught of squirrel ,a squirrel came near our class and I could see the excitement in their eyes when they really say it near and they were making the noise the squirrrel was making.

Other day I was teaching about kites and I could show them the person flying kite outside and they could tell me the reason ,why the kite was not flying ,I was aware of the cctv so asked children to carm down and the otherday there was rainbow in the class due to some reflection and they were so mesmerized by it by that that I had to put the curtains to maintain discipline in class.

This is how we want to learn,by being close to nature ,by seeing things in real,but nowadays it’s only byhearting and spoon feeding.

I frankly feel suffocated myself in this,there is Zero creativity ,just finish off the portions and finish off the most boaring mark calculations and get the salary by working like a robot,thats the end of it .

If I myself is feeling this way ,then you can think of children.

When I decided to leave this job due to stress and health issues  , 

I realised that the all the reason for my illhealth and my unhappiness was the lack of freedom,lack of creativity and lack of expression and not able to be myself.

With love -Crystal.

Each human is a unread story book.

Today I took myself  For a date,sorry for being unavailable.jokes apart .How many of you like being out  alone,visiting your favourite store,enjoying your favourite food by keeping  the social media in offline mode?

When I look around,there are people everywhere,I love to observe strangers  and try to guess their life story as each person is a unique story book.

Some where with friends having a good time,somewhere selecting dress for wife and when he saw the dress was of small size,he passed a joke on wife that if you wear it, the dress will break apart and both laughed at it and went away.

Another person was explaining each detail of the dress to his wife that I mistook him for salesman.

Somewhere enjoying the delicious burger with family and friends and few of them were having it alone ,enjoying their own company.

And one sad  thing that I observed  was that children were given tab in the foodjoint ,so that they sit and play games and not disturb their parent’s that’s kind of sad I felt ,but parent’s are happy kids too.

When you are in a crowded place,you might feel how insignificant you are,but I don’t think it’s true,you will feel how significant you are to be in this world with all other people where your chances were too less.
This Christmas ,be greatful for what you have,count your blessings even if  its  just peace of mind ,Happy Christmas friends.

My biggest blessing is that I’m still alive so I enjoy each breath I take just like the comfort I feel when I drink fresh water.(I don’t know whether it feels weird but I enjoy drinking water).

With love-Crystal .

Body shaming.

If you ask me ,how skinny you are and if I replay you by asking,how fat you are,how will you feel? 

Or if you ask me how do you maintain your body and if I say you,you will be a better person to answer that as you seem to maintain it well ,how will you feel?

Sounds Rude isn’t it?its the same way at the other end too.

but I don’t as Im taught to respect others and not to upset them by commenting on their body.

People think that only once in plumpy side are commented but we skinny people are shamed even worst.I don’t even understand what’s their problem is ?

And if you feel the person is unhealthy,there is a way to advice and its definitely not by group shaming them or making other person to  doubt whether she is an alien . 

if you are not that rough person ,that’s enough to tear apart their confidence.people don’t even understand what they do and the consequences of it  but I personally take it positive and work on myself to be the best ,that’s a personal choice.

if you are happy with the way you are ,its never mandatory to listen to any one as long as their intention is genuine, that’s to see you healthy.
With love-Crystal.

Depression is not a joke.

I just wanted to write about depression from a long time.I have been trying to educate people about depression and its seriousness but no one seems to understand or acknowledge it.

People think that depression is just sadness even I thought so sometime back. when you say about it to them,they say that what’s there to be depressed about,many people  are having bigger problems ,they all are coping with it well. why don’t they understand that the breaking point of different people are different and sometimes it has nothing to do with the type of comfortable life the person is living.

Sadness is a short lived emotion it just comes and goes but depression is like a persistent one,so adamant just like you are in the death grip of a crocodile,it just turns and tilts you and take you to the deeper waters ,from where there is no escape.

The person might not ask you directly for help but look in to there eyes only thing they are saying to you is        “Help me,I don’t want to feel miserable this way,I don’t want to die”.

when you message them ,How are you? There will be a pause before the reply I’m good” that moment of pause say’s it all. 

Some of them don’t even ask for help.But we don’t takeit seriously no matter what, saying that it’s just     sadness and also might sprinkle more pain to there wounds by abandoning them.

When depressed, you don’t feel to get up from the bed,you lack interest in anything,nothing could make you happy anymore,you are surrounded by the cloud of hopelessness and much more ,the pain is excruciating.

It’s very difficult to come out of it,        if any of your friend complaints about extreme moods and extreme sadness,Do a help,just be there for them.Don’t abandon them in such a pain. All they need is someone to help them to come out of it .

People suicide because they want to end the pain and not the life.

I wish I could help someone by writing about this.

You might be thinking how do I know it so well.I know it so well as I have faced it and came out of it with the help of a friend who suggested me to go for meditation and yoga and it did wonders .

it means that you can come out of it,never give up.

if you don’t ask answer will be always no .

don’t shy from sharing your situation with those who cares you the most.

And more over you will really got to know who is truly there for you.

With love-Crystal.

perfect online life

When you look around in online platforms, people are buying a new house,ending up in a great job,looking glamorous,starting a family,boasting about how blessed they are for having a great partner,children etc and bombing your notifications with their picture perfect life and here you are, thinking ,what the hell is wrong with your life?and this can make you really unpleasant ,thinking that your life sucks and they all are having a great life .

Have you felt this by seeing the updates on facebook,whatsupp or any other social media?

my question is have you observe that you automatically smile when some one takes a photo of you,even if you are very sad at that moment same way we are trained to portray only good side of life to others,noone is in need of sympathy.Hiding behind this perfect life there might be lot of imperfections and we think that everyones life is perfect and only we are stranded in an island alone or walking in the road in left direction where all the people are going to right.

I am sure that the fake social media might be irritating lot of people.

And I feel it’s better to spend some time in wordpress where you get to know  and feel different thoughts and feelings,not fake atleast and you learn something good from this than simply scrolling down on facebook .

Share your thoughts on this.

With love-Crystal.

World needs sensitive people.

When I was having a conversation with friend’s ,one point in the conversation striked me .

My friend’s are the sweetest and the most selfless people I ever know,the people with good souls and make the world a good place to live in .

Almost all my friends learned the same lessons by the bitter life experiences they had and that are

1.Love yourself and take care of yourself first.

2.Be selfish,think of your feelings and your life first.

3.Do not get too attached to anyone ,keep a distance as it hurts like hell.

4.Do not sacrifice everything for other’s and do not put other’s infront of you.

5.Think practically and don’t take impulsive emptional decisions.

Then I realised that even if our life experiences  were different,we all learned the same lessons at the end.

I am just thinking that if all the good souls also hardens up like this,how our world would be,there will be no angels ,our world will be filled with only devil’s ,turning the angels also in to the devils.

Imagine being surrounded by selfish people,no sacrifices,no emotions,only the practical thinking and mechanical life,How frustating It would be?That’s where we are headed to,our world is headed to.

World needs nice  ,sensitive people like you which makes the stay in the world beautiful and a life worth living.

With love-Crystal.

Don’t forget that you are the sunshine.

We are send to the world to be the sunshine,to spread happiness and motivation in this otherwise gloomy world but sometimes we get so deep in to our problems that we forget the purpose of our life and become another candle which blewed off in the wind .

Let us ignite ourself once again because world need people like us.Don’t be sad that you are not like others there is a reason for that and the reason is that your smile and positively can bring happiness in to the world and makes world a wonderful place to live in and never let anything affect it and reduce its brightness.

We have only one life ,let us be happy and spread a blanket of happiness around us.

With love-Crystal.

You have the remote of your life.


I recently went through a video which made me change my perspective on certain things.

when someone hurts us ,we say them that you hurt me .we want them to apologize so that we can feel good again.we think that the wound is caused by them so they only should do something to heal it.

lets think in another perspective .  The other person actually did’t hurt us .we used her words or action to hurt our-self  so it depends on us whether we want to let it affect us or not.The wound is made by us and so only we have the ability to heal us. We are totally in control and we can let other’s action or words not to affect us.

eg:someone is angry on us and shouting at top of their voice saying hurtful have two options is to shout back at them and get it affect you and your mood or to keep quiet and don’t get affected by anything that person says.choose the second option for a peaceful and happy life and may be it comes with a lot of practice.

know that happiness is a inside job and you are totally in control of how you want to feel.promise yourself that whatever the other person is saying i am not gonna let it affect me.its difficult to practice but not impossible and you will end up a lot more stronger , peaceful and carm.

sister shivani of Brahmakumari gives awesome advice on life and relationships and I am totally impressed  by her.

Share your thoughts on this.

check out her videos

with love-Crystal.

You are a Diamond.

The four walls that heard your suppressed cries,the closed door that sealed your dark secrets , even the fluffy pillow which comforted you, knows that what happened to you is unfair.

You are suffering because of the mistake someone else did,you are mercilessly punishing yourself for their false deeds,you made yourself so vulnerable,so naive ,that you put yourself in the mercy of others and allowed other’s to walk on you with their dirty feet,back and forth.

After all, what choice you have?           Do you have a choice other than suffering?

You might say,It’s my fate,pain is what I deserve and I will live a life drenched in it.

Who told you that?                                 who told you that you have to suffer?

You are light to the world,you came here to light up the darkness and don’t let yourself to get engulfed and extinguished by it .

Remind Yourself ,you have a choice,you always had a choice,

In this moment,this very moment ,Stand up for yourself and promise yourself,No matter what they do ,you are not going to get hurt again,No matter how bad their actions and how punitive their words are,you are not going to carry the pain for them, like a donkey who carries the bundle of piled up dirty clothes and most Importantly,  you are not going to suffer for those,who don’t even give a damn about you.

Work on yourself,make yourself stronger And if you are scared of something face it,if you are scared of pain, face it ,if you are scared of heights,try bungy jumping Instead,face your worst fears , Because the only way to be stronger is by beating the things that pulls you down,by defeating the things that you are scared of so that their is nothing to be afraid of.

Once you surpass that most difficult phase in your life ,trust me,there is no looking back ,nothing can no longer touch you nor can make you drop a tear.

The storm will pass taking away all the dark clouds with it and middle of the settling dust,you will shine like a diamond so alluring and just a willingness to work on yourself is all that you need.

P.s-I have written it For those who are feeling helpless and weak.

Let me know ,if it was helpful.