perfect online life

When you look around in online platforms, people are buying a new house,ending up in a great job,looking glamorous,starting a family,boasting about how blessed they are for having a great partner,children etc and bombing your notifications with their picture perfect life and here you are, thinking ,what the hell is wrong with your life?and this can make you really unpleasant ,thinking that your life sucks and they all are having a great life .

Have you felt this by seeing the updates on facebook,whatsupp or any other social media?

my question is have you observe that you automatically smile when some one takes a photo of you,even if you are very sad at that moment same way we are trained to portray only good side of life to others,noone is in need of sympathy.Hiding behind this perfect life there might be lot of imperfections and we think that everyones life is perfect and only we are stranded in an island alone or walking in the road in left direction where all the people are going to right.

I am sure that the fake social media might be irritating lot of people.

And I feel it’s better to spend some time in wordpress where you get to know  and feel different thoughts and feelings,not fake atleast and you learn something good from this than simply scrolling down on facebook .

Share your thoughts on this.

With love-Crystal.


World needs sensitive people.

When I was having a conversation with friend’s ,one point in the conversation striked me .

My friend’s are the sweetest and the most selfless people I ever know,the people with good souls and make the world a good place to live in .

Almost all my friends learned the same lessons by the bitter life experiences they had and that are

1.Love yourself and take care of yourself first.

2.Be selfish,think of your feelings and your life first.

3.Do not get too attached to anyone ,keep a distance as it hurts like hell.

4.Do not sacrifice everything for other’s and do not put other’s infront of you.

5.Think practically and don’t take impulsive emptional decisions.

Then I realised that even if our life experiences  were different,we all learned the same lessons at the end.

I am just thinking that if all the good souls also hardens up like this,how our world would be,there will be no angels ,our world will be filled with only devil’s ,turning the angels also in to the devils.

Imagine being surrounded by selfish people,no sacrifices,no emotions,only the practical thinking and mechanical life,How frustating It would be?That’s where we are headed to,our world is headed to.

World needs nice  ,sensitive people like you which makes the stay in the world beautiful and a life worth living.

With love-Crystal.

Don’t forget that you are the sunshine.

We are send to the world to be the sunshine,to spread happiness and motivation in this otherwise gloomy world but sometimes we get so deep in to our problems that we forget the purpose of our life and become another candle which blewed off in the wind .

Let us ignite ourself once again because world need people like us.Don’t be sad that you are not like others there is a reason for that and the reason is that your smile and positively can bring happiness in to the world and makes world a wonderful place to live in and never let anything affect it and reduce its brightness.

We have only one life ,let us be happy and spread a blanket of happiness around us.

With love-Crystal.

Teacher in a box.

Teacher’s shouldn’t wear lipstick,lipbalm,kajal,heels,leggings, nail polish,churidar,fancy earrings, tatoo and the list goes on and in some schools Saree is compulsory every single day.There is not even the freedom to wear churidar.what’s the point,I don’t understand?

They say that if teacher wear saree students feel to give respect and if teacher wear churidar they don’t feel to.Is it so?But to concentrate completely on work ,you need to wear what’s comfortable to you.

Ya  ,I agree that ,if you go to teach as if you are going to a party ,then it might affect the class as students gets distracted but what’s the problem in using the basic things that everyone use.I don’t think a person’s appearance has any relation with the quality of teaching and no one will enter school as glamous,so I feel these restrictions as silly.

I used to think then If Aishwarya rai joins for teaching,they might reject her saying that you are too beautiful for this profession and that’s absolutely unfair.

It’s not actually about makeup or anything.we are not able express ourself in outward appearance or in inside thoughts.

As soon as you say a teacher,a person with a serious face comes to our mind and they expect you to fit in that box in all the ways .no innovative thoughts,no variety,just follow what was already set.The main problem is you cannot express.

I think artists are blessed in this,they can be however they are,let it be there thoughts or there art,everything is free restrictions  and no pressure to hide themself.

Teaching is a nice profession but very formal and rules and restrictions are a lot which makes many people not to choose this.

A lot has changed and now a days a lot of schools allow comfortable dress code and a friendly atmosphere to work.I am not generalising ,I am saying about the schools that I have seen.

Mainly our intention is to teach the students but by being in the box.

What’s your thoughts on this?

These are my thoughts .your thoughts might vary.

With love-crystal.

You have the remote of your life.


I recently went through a video which made me change my perspective on certain things.

when someone hurts us ,we say them that you hurt me .we want them to apologize so that we can feel good again.we think that the wound is caused by them so they only should do something to heal it.

lets think in another perspective .  The other person actually did’t hurt us .we used her words or action to hurt our-self  so it depends on us whether we want to let it affect us or not.The wound is made by us and so only we have the ability to heal us. We are totally in control and we can let other’s action or words not to affect us.

eg:someone is angry on us and shouting at top of their voice saying hurtful have two options is to shout back at them and get it affect you and your mood or to keep quiet and don’t get affected by anything that person says.choose the second option for a peaceful and happy life and may be it comes with a lot of practice.

know that happiness is a inside job and you are totally in control of how you want to feel.promise yourself that whatever the other person is saying i am not gonna let it affect me.its difficult to practice but not impossible and you will end up a lot more stronger , peaceful and carm.

sister shivani of Brahmakumari gives awesome advice on life and relationships and I am totally impressed  by her.

Share your thoughts on this.

check out her videos

with love-Crystal.

You are a Diamond.

The four walls that heard your suppressed cries,the closed door that sealed your dark secrets , even the fluffy pillow which comforted you, knows that what happened to you is unfair.

You are suffering because of the mistake someone else did,you are mercilessly punishing yourself for their false deeds,you made yourself so vulnerable,so naive ,that you put yourself in the mercy of others and allowed other’s to walk on you with their dirty feet,back and forth.

After all, what choice you have?           Do you have a choice other than suffering?

You might say,It’s my fate,pain is what I deserve and I will live a life drenched in it.

Who told you that?                                 who told you that you have to suffer?

You are light to the world,you came here to light up the darkness and don’t let yourself to get engulfed and extinguished by it .

Remind Yourself ,you have a choice,you always had a choice,

In this moment,this very moment ,Stand up for yourself and promise yourself,No matter what they do ,you are not going to get hurt again,No matter how bad their actions and how punitive their words are,you are not going to carry the pain for them, like a donkey who carries the bundle of piled up dirty clothes and most Importantly,  you are not going to suffer for those,who don’t even give a damn about you.

Work on yourself,make yourself stronger And if you are scared of something face it,if you are scared of pain, face it ,if you are scared of heights,try bungy jumping Instead,face your worst fears , Because the only way to be stronger is by beating the things that pulls you down,by defeating the things that you are scared of so that their is nothing to be afraid of.

Once you surpass that most difficult phase in your life ,trust me,there is no looking back ,nothing can no longer touch you nor can make you drop a tear.

The storm will pass taking away all the dark clouds with it and middle of the settling dust,you will shine like a diamond so alluring and just a willingness to work on yourself is all that you need.

P.s-I have written it For those who are feeling helpless and weak.

Let me know ,if it was helpful.

Why men act like they don’t have any feelings?

This is one thing I fail to understand at times .I have seen two types of men,the one who is extremely sensitive and even cries at times and one who acts like they don’t care about anything or anyone. 

I read somewhere that, They too are sensitive but they are scared of getting hurt and that’s why they put a fake mask of roughness and it’s also due to our tradition of portraying men as very strong and the sayings like “Men don’t cry “and “why are you crying like a girl”?are the one’s they face from childhood and it’s sad that they don’t have freedom of expression and has to put a fake mask in front of society.

I mean like it’s ok to some extend to act strong and rough as in life ,if you want to support your family ,you need to act that way,because as a pillar of family if you crumble other’s also wil loose their strength.

But it’s so boaring to act like you don’t have any feeling at all and the fake image of rock. we all are humans,there is no point in  actong like a robort.

And I have heard girls saying that he acts cold or emotionless so even I am going to treat him the same way because they feel like, he don’t get hurt much as he don’t have any feelings but actually he might be getting hurt and might suffer in silence.           

What’s the point in hiding the feelings or emotions and going to the grave with it?

People may not like extremely needy or too emotionally dependent guys but it’s said that showing emotions is a strength as it shows that you are not scared of getting hurt and even if you get hurt,you can deal with it…..

What are your thoughts on this?    No offence to the guys,just shared my thoughts that’s it.

With love-Crystal.


I was not a believer in karma but now I believe in it completely as I have personally experienced it.

The bad deeds you do ,one or the other way it is going to hit you back in the future.

You cheat on someone and in future someone else is going to cheat you.

If you take someone for granted someone else is going to treat you the same way.

If You help someone ,someone will  help you when you expect the least.

When a person puts you in a certain terrible situation,after many years that person will find himself in the same situation.

Its better to say ,

Each and every action has a equal and opposite reaction And what goes around,comes around.

Do you believe in karma?

Have you experienced it?

If so share your experience below.

With love-Crystal.

Shameless Media

Recently a young south Indian actress got molested by her driver and ex driver in the middle of the night and they even took her obscene photographs. Media wrongly reported it as rape and mercilessly revealed her name .

How can they be so merciless and cruel ???They increased the channel views by letting the actress name out ,who is very famous and acted in almost 70movies.

What about her life now?will anyone give her movies again?people will look at her in a different perception now?who will marry her?what about her career?

People are so selfish,they only think about them and their gain and don’t give value for others.

Latest news-she got engaged to her fiance ,soom after the incident and everything has carmed down.

With anger-Crystal