To my love.

Your tears are not tears ,they are the bleeding of my soul.

Your pain is not just pain,its my only weakness.

Seeing you in turmoil,I silently weep till my mind surrenders to the night whispers.

And I dream about you all night,the way the mean dark clouds will melt away in your sunshine.

With love-Crystal.


Tears of grapes.

Mercilessly stomped the grapes with your strong legs ,

Its tears turned in to wine so addictive to give you a high.
Hope all are good,Even though I love to write about inspiration, sometimes some sad feelings creeps in and I put them in to words as a process of emotional release and
I know I haven’t thanked ma followers from a long time

Thank you all for liking and commenting my work,lots of love


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Golden sand grains

For every moment I waited for you,I became a sand grain added to the sea shore.
The day the sea shore was made by the millions of sandgrains,my love overflowed.

For every time a wave wetted the grains, it glowed in sun’s rays ,glowed in your smile.

The tears nor the heaviness of waves on the sand grains were nothing infront of the smile of you , that shined upon the golden sand grains.

With love-Crystal.

Kiss of pain.

 I am inside a bubble of sadness,    Memories of a decade, choking me up,  I was once a winner,as you were  beside me ,                                        Burying all the thoughts that made me  weak.

In this moment,I realise,                             They are back,aggressive as ever, swallowing everything on the way,  And there I stand as a looser,      Engulfed by my own thoughts,   Burned in to ashes by the kiss of pain.

The broken words,the bleeding promises,                                     Competing for a place to destroy me,     I am aware of the harm they cause,   but I surrender myself as,                           I once believed in something abstract.

P.s- I was asked , what the abstract is and the abstract is LOve.

 Take it as a mere work of fiction,similarity to anyone is accidental.

This is the one from my previous blog,just re-posting it,if you have already  read it just,Ignore.

Grant me, one more day-Nature.

Grant me ,one more day, to live,

And let me dwell in the beauty of the blue sky,

Lying on those meadows with dainty flowers and grass so green,tickling my back,


Tracing , the pearly clouds dancing around,with my eyes,

The chirping of birds,fluttering of butterflies ,blossoming of flowers,

The flock of birds flying so high ,I will gaze with a sigh!!


The grand entry of sun,with splash of light,
Its farewell ,leaving all its colours orange,red,Yellow ,behind ,for me to rejoice,


Let me crawl on the rainbow and wipe away tears of the sky,
Let me count the stars in the sky and borrow their sparkle,till I meet them again,

Let me drench in those tranquill lagoon in the middle of the forest,

Where the peacock dances to the nature’s tone.

Grant me one more day ,

so I could relive life ,one last time.


P.s-The things we take for granted are actually very precious.
With love -Crystal.

Send me the Rain.

If it’s raining there,send it here,      Oh,my dear,please send it here.

 Deserted a desert,vast and dry,    Drained and abandoned,I remain.    

 Showed no pity,even the sun,            Dried it all,Dried it all.   

 Efforts To get the rain,                         Went in vain,in futile plain.

 If it’s raining there,send it here,      Oh,my dear,please send it here.       

P.s-Rain can be happiness,love,hope anything positive,bec that’s what makes desert come alive.

With love-Crystal .   

Beauty and the Beast

It is love,is what you told,                    oh!Your perception of love so wrong.      It is love,is what I believed,                  oh!My perception of you so wrong.

 Emotions and fantasies,It aroused,  Never I knew,existed.                                  I was the beauty in those dreams,      You were the beast to my dreams.

I fall for you,broke my knees,              You ran for you,stamped my feet Afterall, It was lust for you,                 And love for me.

With love-Crystal.

 Home-Sweet home.

I wish, I too had a home and not a house ,

A nest of love, Inside the pile of bricks.

Where laughter bubbles around  the coffee table,

not the silence ,nor the violence,that spills my coffee on the table.

I wish I too had a home and not a house,

Where sensitive souls,spreads love. 

And not the nagging souls,

spreading distress.

I wish I too had a home,and not a house.

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With love-crystal.