How sad is that everything in life has a is kind of sad but that’s the reality.

If you fail in love,you just look for other fish in the ocean and find love again.if your marriage don’t end in success ,then you can marry again.if you end up dying today,you need not worry about your job,the very next day someone will take the charge.

If your husband or wife is not good just replace them,replace the old friend with new friend,replace the old boyfriend with new boyfriend. 

And its the truth that if we are replaced by someone,it hurts the most,we evaluate our self again and again that do we really had any value in their life?

I wonder about the meaning of life.

Is this why the yogis like to be detached and in solitude,to avoid all the pain associated with worldly pleasures?

Is there anything in life that can’t be replaced?

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With love-Crystal.



There are no humans around,I can find only roborts everywhere who are very well trained in multitasking as well as practical aspects of life that ,they could give tight competition for the poor real roborts who are enthusiastically waiting ,ready to be launched in the near future.

P.s#work life#roborts,roborts everywhere and the best robort is appreciated .no creativity,just stress and robotics in work life#


At the reach of my eyes, is the beautifully painted worn out bricks, ugly to my eyes.

Sunsets and sunrises ,goes with out intimating  me.

Trapped in a place where,

chirping of birds is replaced by the noisiness of the people.

And concept of nature confuses the kids,

a tree or two,or a park ,here and there is what is nature to them.

I crave for a breathe of fresh air in a city which is killing my creativity.

A rainbow coloured bird sings about the beauty of rainbow ,water coloured sky,blue tides of the sea,the soft mountain breeze.

And there I go near the bird mesmarised by its tales and it flew away towards the horizon to the hidden world of beauty.

P.s-The reason why I am not writing.currently there is nothing around me which could stimulatey creativity.

With love-crystal

Everything happens for good.

Don’t let situations affect your inner happiness.

Imagine everything is going wrong in your day , still you can carm down and control your mind not to over react to the situation and to search anything good that is hidden behind.

I believe in the saying” everything happens for good ” Instead of all the things that went wrong,think what you can learn from the bad incident and interpret it ,you will surely find at least one thing that’s good . 

You will be clueless of why it happened,but sooner or later you will come to know the reason for it and one thing for sure ,bad times will make you a strong and self sufficient person.

P.s-I think that remaining carm in tough situation is most difficult thing to do but we can train ourself and work towards it because that’s what is good for us.

With love-Crystal.

Tears of grapes.

Mercilessly stomped the grapes with your strong legs ,

Its tears turned in to wine so addictive to give you a high.
Hope all are good,Even though I love to write about inspiration, sometimes some sad feelings creeps in and I put them in to words as a process of emotional release and
I know I haven’t thanked ma followers from a long time

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Golden sand grains

For every moment I waited for you,I became a sand grain added to the sea shore.
The day the sea shore was made by the millions of sandgrains,my love overflowed.

For every time a wave wetted the grains, it glowed in sun’s rays ,glowed in your smile.

The tears nor the heaviness of waves on the sand grains were nothing infront of the smile of you , that shined upon the golden sand grains.

With love-Crystal.


Is that an attitude when you refuse to do what you don’t like no matter how much you are forced?

People just want you to listen to what they say and follow the rules they set and if you refuse to obey them ,they make your life miserable so people get scared of this and join them and the one who won’t join them is called and treated as a culprit and is targeted.what a pathetic situation of our society.