Angelic Jana.(short story)

That was a normal day at the hospital and jana had a night shift on the particular day,she loved her job as a nurse as she was more of an empathatic person than a sympathetic person and her job just  did justice to that.she loved helping people to regain their health and happiness ,she was more over like godsend to her patients.

But the sight she saw on that day just pumped her heart with a painful heaviness.It was when she met little dalena for the first time. Dalena was a one year old toddler who was rushed to the paediatric intensive care unit of the hospital,in the middle of the night .

Dalena was such a fragile kid who  had a fearful expression on her face as if the whole world is conspiring to kill her but she looked at jana as if she knew her ,as if she was someone very familiar,who can cast a protective spell for her.

 little dalena was in a state where she couldn’t even sit or couldn’t even drink the water given to her in a feeding bottle.she had a fractured skull and multiple fractured bones and she was in immense pain and whomever did this to her,dumped her in hospital and fled the scene.

Little dalena holded jana’s hand tightly and her eyes spoke to her with hidden tears and jana could read each and every words she spoke without even speaking.

Jana instantly knew what she should do,she couldn’t just leave dalena to the mercy of the fate.jana who was single and who  didn’t had any plans to have kids started the adoption process to adopt Dalena and to paint her life with rainbows and glittery stars.

Today Dalena lives with  her mom forgetting everything about  painful traumatic life she had and live a happy life ,her smiles guarantee it a million times.

P.s-Based on a real story.

With love-Crystal.


Noah’s cottage on the mountains.(short story)

Sun emerges above the mountain on the country side,it glows less brighter initially as if it is half asleep and slowly brightens up above the mountains.The clear blue sky is a joyous sight to  see, on seeing this birds pokes its head out of the nest and sings a lovely song to welcome the day. 

Mountains have lush greenary around its nook and corners.The pleasant sound of the waterfalls tickling the stream and it carassing the rocks,big and small on the way.The stream emits cool breeze and the cool water rejuvenises everything alive.

There is a trail which goes a little up from the stream leading to a farm land where there is smell of coffee in the air,tiny tomatoes emerging from the plants,a field of cauliflower spread across,coconut and teak tress dances in the sweet embrace of the wind.

The poultry farm brightens up by the sun’s rays ,Noah’s dad gets the grains for the hens and Noah helps him to fetch the water to feed them.

The fish in the pond enthusiastically starts its day .Goats and cows have awaken yet adamant not to move from its lazy posture.Noah’s mom gets ready to milk the cows.

The garden is filled with blossoming  trees with pink and golden flowers,falling on you when you make your way inside.

As soon as you enter Jasmine flowers moves too and fro to get your attention and its mesmerising smell takes you to heaven and rose red,pink and white planted in layers stands majestically.

In the middle of the garden ,you find a beautiful stone cottage with big wooden windows with a beautiful view of outside. There is a varanda where a stone bench is rite under the trees and it’s adorned with flowers falling from the trees.

And it suddenly started to rain but it wasn’t something like drizzling,it felt like entire clouds falling on Noah along with a scream of thunder .

“you tiny begger , you couldn’t get any other place to sleep other than veranda of my shop.”

The magic dust around Noah mysteriously disappeared.He got up with his waterproof blanket that he made the previous day by knitting the plastic bags together to protect him from the scroaching cold and walked away by ruminating the dream he just saw.
With love-Crystal.

They don’t love me.        ( short story)

Jasmine always hated her parents,it’s not because they were bad,it’s because her parents  were in opposite extremes .Their incompatibility gave rise to heated arguments and constant fights.

when she was brought in to that misery,something in her shutdown for them,that was her love for them.

She thought that they never loved her.They only provided money whenever needed.whatever she wanted, she got, except the thing that she wanted the most ,the love,the expression of love to be precise.

One day jasmine was late to her work ,as she was rushing through the traffic in her two wheeler ,suddenly a bus from opposite side threw her in to the air ,It made her life hanging like a broken branch from a gigantic tree .

Laying in the stretcher ,She looked as if she was unconscious but she could feel everything,the smell of the blood soaking her clothes,the yellow light of hospital falling in to her eyes..

she could hear ,yet not clear ,the harsh voice of hospital authorities not willing to admit her and asking to take her to a city hospital which was 60kms away .They didn’t want to take risk as her case was serious .

 she could  clearly hear the voice of her mom sobbing  and her dad begging to the doctors to save her.

“please save her life,we can give you everything that we have to save her,we beg you ,please save our daughter,nothing is more important than her.”Her dad broke down to tears as he spoke and that was first time she heard him that way.

a drop of tear rolled down her cheeks asking her

” They didn’t love you,isn’t it?”

With love-Crystal.

“Pappa, cancel my birthday cake”(short story)

Pappa says to mohith who is a 1st grade student 

” see beta, I just have 1000rups in my pocket,either we can celebrate your birthday or we can pay for your dance practice in school,ball is in your court and that’s your decision finally.”

Mohith thought for a while and told his dad in determination

“No pappa,I don’t want birthday cake nor any celebration ,please provide the money for my dance practice.”

After many years he grew up to be a very famous dancer that all admire.

Happy ending

 Sami took the phone in her hand     and typed ” goodbye forever Ana”   and pressed enter .

The emotions travelled as electronic impulse to Ana and lighted the pathway to her brain in seconds.

same thing was reciprocated from the other side in  a fraction of a second “good bye forever sami.” 

In the fury of the moment ,both of their profiles disappeared from eachothers phone ,ten years of their friendship ended in few seconds of misunderstanding .

1year passed by..

sami looked at ana’s facebook profile everytime to find whether she is keeping well .sami thought of Ana every time ,her mom prepared anas favourite pickle.  

sami remembered ,the way ana holded her hands and consoled her, when the teacher scolded her for questioning inappropriate behavior of a passer by  , during their college trip.

she remembered  that the friend who  was holding  her hands till then left her hand and joined the rest of group and Ana came and holded her hands .not only that, she shared with her the ice cream she was having and asked her to chill.sami smiled and wiped her tears while having it .

Ana could easily threw away the teddy bear given by sami ,but it still adorned the cupboard of her living room .

Ana remembered the time spend in samis home ,wearing the same bangles gifted by her mom and taking pics, all happy and full of smiles.Those bangles adorned her Pooja room as a form of blessing.

But ego stopped from letting them talk,letting them know the love for each other.

Until they both confessed to their common friend  that both of them missed each other too much.

And a box of pickle send by sami and a rosary send by ana through the common friend reignited that lost friendship and they became best friends again.

All misunderstanding vanished with a hearty talk of few minutes.

P.s-life is very short and you don’t know what happens next.we should always give relationship chances,we all are humans and make mistakes and a  hearty talk can solve almost all the problems and misunderstanding.

Pic courtesy-google.

with love-Crystal

My dad is a badthameez!!!

Teacher was so irritated by the naughty child that he scolded him back and forth.

The child was silent all through out, each arrows digging in to his ears and 40 eyes piercing him from all the corners of the classroom .

After some time, his foot steps came closer to the wooden desk where the teacher was engaged in his paper works.

“Sir,anyways I won’t be here anymore, I won’t be here at parents had a big fight and my dad is sending us out of the home.we are going back to our state,punjab.

Teacher took his head out of the bundle of papers and looked at him in dismay.

He pulled the boy closer and asked in a soft voice “Wat did you say?say it again.” 

His face was clear like a new paper,no traces of emotions anywhere and his pearly teeths moved to utter 

“Yes sir,my dad is a badtameez(mannerless person) and he beats us up . I and my baby sister are shifting with our grand parents so I won’t be able to attend the school again and I won’t trouble anyone anymore.”

Something just went through his veins.

Is that the way the 1st grade kid described it? or  Is it a tint of a familier pain which passed like electricity between them?

With love-Crystal.

She Belongs to the past!!

Janesh asked jia to wait until he clears all his responsibilities.           

without uttering a word jia waited…….she waited until his 4digit salary turned in to 6digit ones……   she waited until his siblings got settled and had a great life……….      she waited until his rented home turned in to a fully furnished apartment…..

she waited for earth to rotate around sun ten times and barren land to turn in to forest engulfing her with in it.

Her waiting finally ended when he found someone from the present and this time too she didn’t utter a word. her tiny footsteps disappeared in the doorways to the past.



With love-crystal.

Antidote for happiness.

I turned around and looked at her on hearing an unexpected question.

Her eyes were shallow,there was just nothing,it was like a pool without any motion.

Her hair wasn’t combed nor tied .   she remained in a sculpture state without much movements other than the movement of her lips and blinking of her eyes.

She repeated the question, seeing the puzzled look on my face.

I asked”How are you able to smile?”

Is there an answer to that question.?    It made the innocent kid to think and  she couldn’t find any answer.
She asked me again,I want to know,    ” How do you feel happy.”?                    ” How are you able to smile.”?

I didn’t know what to say,I was a school kid laughing around with       my friends and I hadn’t lost the happiness at that point to speak about it or to know more about it.

I couldn’t give her the antidote of happiness and my answer to her was silence because I was thinking about it in vain.

But now I realise exactly what she was talking about.

later I came to know that she was a rape victim as well as in severe depression.

P.s-This is what depression and rape feels like .Be kind to them.


She brought a new mobile thinking  that she could call and speak to him everyday .

she wore her specks every single time to use the phone as her vision made everything to look so cloudy .

she pressed hardly on each numbers on the touch screen with the inexperience of a fresher meantime with lot of patience .   

she waited endlessly on the other side of the busy tone .

 she kept the mobile near to her all the time until she realised that the only call she got was from the sim company for the business purpose.

But one fine day it happened

The call connected.

The voice from the other side spoke

“Hello mom,” I am so Sorry for never calling you,I was so busy with my life that I didn’t have any time for you.”

“Are you her son?”The receiver at the end asked in a harsh voice.

Yes, he told nervously shocked by the voice of a stranger instead of his mom’s.

“She called you many times to let you know about her deteriorating health condition but only to be deafened by the busy tone of your phone.           

 She kept the phone near her hospital bed till she was taken in to the Icu ,Hoping that you might call her back seeing her missed calls .

Her conditin is very critical now as she has slipped in to a comma and chance of survival is too less.”

A shiver went down his spine .             A cloud of emotions and regret rained over him persuading to be with him forever.

P.s-We realise value of anyone only after we lose them.

 No one will wait for your call the way your parent’s does and we take them for granted always.

Call them today and see how they will react.