At the reach of my eyes, is the beautifully painted worn out bricks, ugly to my eyes.

Sunsets and sunrises ,goes with out intimating  me.

Trapped in a place where,

chirping of birds is replaced by the noisiness of the people.

And concept of nature confuses the kids,

a tree or two,or a park ,here and there is what is nature to them.

I crave for a breathe of fresh air in a city which is killing my creativity.

A rainbow coloured bird sings about the beauty of rainbow ,water coloured sky,blue tides of the sea,the soft mountain breeze.

And there I go near the bird mesmarised by its tales and it flew away towards the horizon to the hidden world of beauty.

P.s-The reason why I am not writing.currently there is nothing around me which could stimulatey creativity.

With love-crystal


Each human is a unread story book.

Today I took myself  For a date,sorry for being unavailable.jokes apart .How many of you like being out  alone,visiting your favourite store,enjoying your favourite food by keeping  the social media in offline mode?

When I look around,there are people everywhere,I love to observe strangers  and try to guess their life story as each person is a unique story book.

Some where with friends having a good time,somewhere selecting dress for wife and when he saw the dress was of small size,he passed a joke on wife that if you wear it, the dress will break apart and both laughed at it and went away.

Another person was explaining each detail of the dress to his wife that I mistook him for salesman.

Somewhere enjoying the delicious burger with family and friends and few of them were having it alone ,enjoying their own company.

And one sad  thing that I observed  was that children were given tab in the foodjoint ,so that they sit and play games and not disturb their parent’s that’s kind of sad I felt ,but parent’s are happy kids too.

When you are in a crowded place,you might feel how insignificant you are,but I don’t think it’s true,you will feel how significant you are to be in this world with all other people where your chances were too less.
This Christmas ,be greatful for what you have,count your blessings even if  its  just peace of mind ,Happy Christmas friends.

My biggest blessing is that I’m still alive so I enjoy each breath I take just like the comfort I feel when I drink fresh water.(I don’t know whether it feels weird but I enjoy drinking water).

With love-Crystal .

Body shaming.

If you ask me ,how skinny you are and if I replay you by asking,how fat you are,how will you feel? 

Or if you ask me how do you maintain your body and if I say you,you will be a better person to answer that as you seem to maintain it well ,how will you feel?

Sounds Rude isn’t it?its the same way at the other end too.

but I don’t as Im taught to respect others and not to upset them by commenting on their body.

People think that only once in plumpy side are commented but we skinny people are shamed even worst.I don’t even understand what’s their problem is ?

And if you feel the person is unhealthy,there is a way to advice and its definitely not by group shaming them or making other person to  doubt whether she is an alien . 

if you are not that rough person ,that’s enough to tear apart their confidence.people don’t even understand what they do and the consequences of it  but I personally take it positive and work on myself to be the best ,that’s a personal choice.

if you are happy with the way you are ,its never mandatory to listen to any one as long as their intention is genuine, that’s to see you healthy.
With love-Crystal.

Better thoughts creates better life.

I have come across a lot of gossiping recently and it made me think about this topic .

Every moment you are talking or gossiping  about someone’s mistakes,you are loosing valuable time of your life and also you are spending your energy on the negative things .Instead of finding mistake in others ,how nice it would have been if we sit down and think about our flaws and work on it.

No one is perfect and finding mistake in others is the most fun thing to do but before that think for a moment whether you are perfect or not ?

if your answer is no ,then you don’t have any right to judge other’s either.

If we work on our flaws and correct it,we will have a better life ahead or else we will end up to be a bunch of people emitting negative vibes .    choice is ours.

With love-Crystal.

You will survive.

Believe me you have gone through the worst of things and you survived it,you will survive this too……

Depressed and suicidal people are at its worst .you are not alone,there are a lot of people going through it,keep moving forward and have hope and surely you will get through it.

When you go through bad times,remember a few bad incidents of life and remember how you survived and this self affirmation will give a strength to face bad times .

Think in this way that, I have survived the worst so this is nothing big for me ,I will get through this too.

With love-Crystal.

Accept everything.

If you are not satisfied by what you have in your life,you will always end up complaining and it spoils your happiness So accept everything life has to offer,accept the fact that nothing is in our control especially the outside factors,accept the fact that we lose people in life,accept the fact that people behaviour changes in life,situation changes and only person you can ever depend is you and if you practice acceptance then you will lead a happy life and this will make you a very strong person .

P.s-just ma thoughts

With love-crystal.