Angelic Jana.(short story)

That was a normal day at the hospital and jana had a night shift on the particular day,she loved her job as a nurse as she was more of an empathatic person than a sympathetic person and her job just  did justice to that.she loved helping people to regain their health and happiness ,she was more over like godsend to her patients.

But the sight she saw on that day just pumped her heart with a painful heaviness.It was when she met little dalena for the first time. Dalena was a one year old toddler who was rushed to the paediatric intensive care unit of the hospital,in the middle of the night .

Dalena was such a fragile kid who  had a fearful expression on her face as if the whole world is conspiring to kill her but she looked at jana as if she knew her ,as if she was someone very familiar,who can cast a protective spell for her.

 little dalena was in a state where she couldn’t even sit or couldn’t even drink the water given to her in a feeding bottle.she had a fractured skull and multiple fractured bones and she was in immense pain and whomever did this to her,dumped her in hospital and fled the scene.

Little dalena holded jana’s hand tightly and her eyes spoke to her with hidden tears and jana could read each and every words she spoke without even speaking.

Jana instantly knew what she should do,she couldn’t just leave dalena to the mercy of the fate.jana who was single and who  didn’t had any plans to have kids started the adoption process to adopt Dalena and to paint her life with rainbows and glittery stars.

Today Dalena lives with  her mom forgetting everything about  painful traumatic life she had and live a happy life ,her smiles guarantee it a million times.

P.s-Based on a real story.

With love-Crystal.


Grilled children.

The first grade is loaded with lot of portions that I have never struggled this way,not even in high school to finish the portions.

Everyday children come to school and only thing they do is write whatever notes we give on the blackboard and by writing their skills are so developed that some of them finish along with me and they now love writing and they plead me to give them notes all the time and have already finished two books in each subject,I feel sad about that.

And they have their exams lined up ,back to back all the time with so many lessons .They love to share their stories while teaching but where do we have time to listen to them?

They love to draw but they hardly have a period a week.They love to run and play but the playground is reduced to just a terrace.

They love to do so many things and we are aware of that but we are forced only to complete the portions .

I being in creative side had encouraged them to draw and decorate the class,let them at least express through that and be happy and then there are teachers who comments,Is this a classroom or exhibition hall?

And there are parents who says,the only thing they are doing in home is drawing and nothing else. Comon,if you are just over burdening them with  the pressure of studies,what else they will do?if you give them time and make teaching a enjoyable thing ,then you will see them loving it but being teachers we are helpless with the enormous contents and lack of time we have.

One day when I taught of squirrel ,a squirrel came near our class and I could see the excitement in their eyes when they really say it near and they were making the noise the squirrrel was making.

Other day I was teaching about kites and I could show them the person flying kite outside and they could tell me the reason ,why the kite was not flying ,I was aware of the cctv so asked children to carm down and the otherday there was rainbow in the class due to some reflection and they were so mesmerized by it by that that I had to put the curtains to maintain discipline in class.

This is how we want to learn,by being close to nature ,by seeing things in real,but nowadays it’s only byhearting and spoon feeding.

I frankly feel suffocated myself in this,there is Zero creativity ,just finish off the portions and finish off the most boaring mark calculations and get the salary by working like a robot,thats the end of it .

If I myself is feeling this way ,then you can think of children.

When I decided to leave this job due to stress and health issues  , 

I realised that the all the reason for my illhealth and my unhappiness was the lack of freedom,lack of creativity and lack of expression and not able to be myself.

With love -Crystal.


There are no humans around,I can find only roborts everywhere who are very well trained in multitasking as well as practical aspects of life that ,they could give tight competition for the poor real roborts who are enthusiastically waiting ,ready to be launched in the near future.

P.s#work life#roborts,roborts everywhere and the best robort is appreciated .no creativity,just stress and robotics in work life#


At the reach of my eyes, is the beautifully painted worn out bricks, ugly to my eyes.

Sunsets and sunrises ,goes with out intimating  me.

Trapped in a place where,

chirping of birds is replaced by the noisiness of the people.

And concept of nature confuses the kids,

a tree or two,or a park ,here and there is what is nature to them.

I crave for a breathe of fresh air in a city which is killing my creativity.

A rainbow coloured bird sings about the beauty of rainbow ,water coloured sky,blue tides of the sea,the soft mountain breeze.

And there I go near the bird mesmarised by its tales and it flew away towards the horizon to the hidden world of beauty.

P.s-The reason why I am not writing.currently there is nothing around me which could stimulatey creativity.

With love-crystal

“Pappa, cancel my birthday cake”(short story)

Pappa says to mohith who is a 1st grade student 

” see beta, I just have 1000rups in my pocket,either we can celebrate your birthday or we can pay for your dance practice in school,ball is in your court and that’s your decision finally.”

Mohith thought for a while and told his dad in determination

“No pappa,I don’t want birthday cake nor any celebration ,please provide the money for my dance practice.”

After many years he grew up to be a very famous dancer that all admire.

Each human is a unread story book.

Today I took myself  For a date,sorry for being unavailable.jokes apart .How many of you like being out  alone,visiting your favourite store,enjoying your favourite food by keeping  the social media in offline mode?

When I look around,there are people everywhere,I love to observe strangers  and try to guess their life story as each person is a unique story book.

Some where with friends having a good time,somewhere selecting dress for wife and when he saw the dress was of small size,he passed a joke on wife that if you wear it, the dress will break apart and both laughed at it and went away.

Another person was explaining each detail of the dress to his wife that I mistook him for salesman.

Somewhere enjoying the delicious burger with family and friends and few of them were having it alone ,enjoying their own company.

And one sad  thing that I observed  was that children were given tab in the foodjoint ,so that they sit and play games and not disturb their parent’s that’s kind of sad I felt ,but parent’s are happy kids too.

When you are in a crowded place,you might feel how insignificant you are,but I don’t think it’s true,you will feel how significant you are to be in this world with all other people where your chances were too less.
This Christmas ,be greatful for what you have,count your blessings even if  its  just peace of mind ,Happy Christmas friends.

My biggest blessing is that I’m still alive so I enjoy each breath I take just like the comfort I feel when I drink fresh water.(I don’t know whether it feels weird but I enjoy drinking water).

With love-Crystal .