Is that an attitude when you refuse to do what you don’t like no matter how much you are forced?

People just want you to listen to what they say and follow the rules they set and if you refuse to obey them ,they make your life miserable so people get scared of this and join them and the one who won’t join them is called and treated as a culprit and is targeted.what a pathetic situation of our society.

Unsaid love

If you love anyone tell them ,you may get the answer yes or no and that pain is better than living with the regret of not expressing your feelings.

With love-Crystal.

Words that are not spoken,                 the feelings that are not expressed Compensate it by digging a hole in the heart and hiding the pain of unsaid words deep inside.

Plants love❤❤❤❤

I never really understood the importance of the plants and trees until I had to shift to the city of cemented buildings from the greenery of my home town.

Here No one is interested in gardening or planting plants stating lack of space as a reason but still there are a few plant lovers out here. 

Why can’t we get a few plants and adjust them in the minimal place that we have.The beauty of it is just enough to brighten up your morning and it will provide you with the fresh air  and it also increase the aesthetic beauty of your home and whatelse when each flower blooms you feel so happy.

See the difference between the pics and it holds the answer and the difference can be felt.

With love-Crystal.❤❤❤

Think +-

 People say to think positive always.      I have a different strategy.Think positive as well as negative.if positive happens well and good and if negative happens ,you will be well equipped how to deal with it and you can manage with out a heart break as already you have planned about it and have a back up option.

You are eagerly waiting for interview results,now there are two might get selected or you might not get selected.if you get selected,then well and good.if you get rejected then instead of getting upset about it you would try for other jobs as you have already thought about negative aspect of it and planned ahead.

So think in both ways positive as well as negative.

What is your strategy?

Comment below.

With love-Crystal.