You have the remote of your life.


I recently went through a video which made me change my perspective on certain things.

when someone hurts us ,we say them that you hurt me .we want them to apologize so that we can feel good again.we think that the wound is caused by them so they only should do something to heal it.

lets think in another perspective .  The other person actually did’t hurt us .we used her words or action to hurt our-self  so it depends on us whether we want to let it affect us or not.The wound is made by us and so only we have the ability to heal us. We are totally in control and we can let other’s action or words not to affect us.

eg:someone is angry on us and shouting at top of their voice saying hurtful have two options is to shout back at them and get it affect you and your mood or to keep quiet and don’t get affected by anything that person says.choose the second option for a peaceful and happy life and may be it comes with a lot of practice.

know that happiness is a inside job and you are totally in control of how you want to feel.promise yourself that whatever the other person is saying i am not gonna let it affect me.its difficult to practice but not impossible and you will end up a lot more stronger , peaceful and carm.

sister shivani of Brahmakumari gives awesome advice on life and relationships and I am totally impressed  by her.

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check out her videos

with love-Crystal.

Think +-

 People say to think positive always.      I have a different strategy.Think positive as well as negative.if positive happens well and good and if negative happens ,you will be well equipped how to deal with it and you can manage with out a heart break as already you have planned about it and have a back up option.

You are eagerly waiting for interview results,now there are two might get selected or you might not get selected.if you get selected,then well and good.if you get rejected then instead of getting upset about it you would try for other jobs as you have already thought about negative aspect of it and planned ahead.

So think in both ways positive as well as negative.

What is your strategy?

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With love-Crystal.


Is it life or a contract to suffer?

When I look around,noone is living .   all are just suffering which makes me think .

What’s going on?Is life the synonym of suffering or Have we all signed a life time contract to suffer?

life was much easier in childhood and during school or college times.The responsibility of adulthood is immense.

If I have 30in watsupp contact.Everyone of them is in pain except one or two who boasts of a jovial life and a few who have the ability to create a smile hiding all the misery underneath.

And a few not willing to play according to life’s wishes ends their life too .

What is life?I wonder…

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With love-Crystal.

Temple muse- 8

If Isra wouldn’t have helped her on that fateful night????They shrugged at the mere thought of it.
Jisha and lakshmi climbed the stairs slowly,already exhausted and tired by the mysterious array of events that just happened .
Jisha took the key from her handbag and wrenched the door open.As soon as they got inside ,lakshmi went to the kitchen and brought a tumbler of water and chugged the entire water from it.

Jisha held Isra’s phone in her hand and pondered about something.After sometime ,she woke up from her thoughts. Their was a sign of relief on her face as if she she solved half of the mystery in her brain itself.       she looked at Lakshmi and told.  

” so ,what we just had was an  encounter with ghost .                          Isra ,she is a ghost and I bet you      can’t disagree .”

Laksmi answered”I don’t know whether she is a ghost or an angel,         I know only one thing that she helped us.”

Lakshmi sat down on her fluffy bed . she started to bite her finger nails as if she is bitting and throwing away the unwanted problems In already stressfull life .All of a sudden a sensible question popped In her head and she put it out for Jisha to answer.

“We met her near temple but spirits can’t enter temple premises ,isn’t it.?”

Say’s who?jisha’s answer was quick than expected.

Jisha thought for few seconds and continued ” why can’t we think in a different angle?                                        We went to the temple as we wanted god to help us in solving our personal issue’s . same way she might have reached there in need of help ,In    search of someone who could help her.kind-hearted people like you       are often found in temple premises,isn’t it.?.”                                  she passed a  sarcastic smile on Lakshmi.

Jisha paused for sometime and then     she resumed.                                              “Do you think that her intention was only to help us?.”

Jisha didn’t wait for lakshmi to     answer and she continued….                    
“Isra knew that we were in danger   and accompanied us ,hooligans fled the scene on seeing her and all other events that happened makes me to conclude that everything ,everything is connected .

If my intrution is rite, she is trying to tell us something.she desperately needs help.

 suddenly,from nowhere the smell of Rose scent rushed in to the room as if someone silently agreed to Jisha .

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To be continued. . . . . . .

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Temple muse- 7

But Jisha smelled something fishy,  How is it even possible that a girl ,half their size can scare away such hunks.??This question replayed in jishas mind again and again………….

Now, they walked at a slow pace by catching every heart beat and every gulp of breath that they missed,still not able to digest the series of  event’s    that just happened and pondering upon it they reached near the street lamp, that lakshmi was talking about.There were few construction workers outside their temporary settlement preparing dinner in chulhas(natural stove) outside the home .

Three of them walked further and they reached near the apartment and lakshmi was glad to show Isra her apartment. she turned towards her and told ” Hey Isra, this is our apartment Isra meadows.” 

Her heart started to race again and eyes widened……There was no one there,she was talking to the emptiness beside her.

It came out as a shrill cry from lakshmi……………..Isra!!!!!!!!!

Jisha was utterly shocked.Her eyes popped out.Isra,the person who was with them until now vanished, vanished in to thin air ,just like that….

Fear rushed through their veins and entire body started to shiver as they looked at each other utterly horrified.

Suddenly,something on the ground caught Jisha’s attention . she slowly knealed down and picked it up with shivering hands .It was Isra’s phone on the ground , she unlocked it by scrolling the lock icon sideways and the wallpaper was a picture of Isra .

 what happened further send shivers down their spine.The phone was in jishas hand and then ,there was a tsunami of notifications ting..ting…ting…ting..ting….ting…ting…..ting….ting…..ting and it continued for few minutes,on hearing this laksmi came near in a jiffy . They looked closer,the stare from the eyes seemed powerful enough to smash the gorilla glass.There it was the icon,

 Wi-Fi icon.

This realisation came as shock to them that Isra’s phone was connected to their apartment 

wifi- ISRA.

fear prevailed in their eyes,their jaw dropped.

How is it even possible?


They looked around and found the security taking a nap,they ran to him and asked him whether he knows the girl in the picture and the securities words scared them even more.Her name is Isra ,she is the daughter of apartment owner chandar who stays in the last floor and the girl had some issues with parents and left home and never came back.A case was filed by police but it reached dead end soon due to lack of evidence, Even her parents didn’t show much interest to find her and Isra remains a mystery even now.


Jisha and lakshmi was sure of only one thing that Isra saved them from a horrific fate, that they had in the arms of hooligans as if Isra sensed the impending danger before itself.             If Isra wouldn’t have helped them on that fateful night????


To be continued. . . . . . .

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