Antidote for happiness.

I turned around and looked at her on hearing an unexpected question.

Her eyes were shallow,there was just nothing,it was like a pool without any motion.

Her hair wasn’t combed nor tied .   she remained in a sculpture state without much movements other than the movement of her lips and blinking of her eyes.

She repeated the question, seeing the puzzled look on my face.

I asked”How are you able to smile?”

Is there an answer to that question.?    It made the innocent kid to think and  she couldn’t find any answer.
She asked me again,I want to know,    ” How do you feel happy.”?                    ” How are you able to smile.”?

I didn’t know what to say,I was a school kid laughing around with       my friends and I hadn’t lost the happiness at that point to speak about it or to know more about it.

I couldn’t give her the antidote of happiness and my answer to her was silence because I was thinking about it in vain.

But now I realise exactly what she was talking about.

later I came to know that she was a rape victim as well as in severe depression.

P.s-This is what depression and rape feels like .Be kind to them.

┬ácan’t say no

Have you seen the  people who cannot say no or the people who don’t value their opinions or thoughts and obeys others opinions just to please them? Is it to get more love from the people ?if I say back answers I will be denied the love so let me listen to whatever they say so that I will be always loved.

Being a nice person is a good thing but if you are like this people will use you like a door mat and play with your feelings and no one gives you any respect.

You need to have your own opinions and thoughts and you should stand for it and should take others suggestions and criticism but ultimately you should do what makes you happy and I think that’s what is healthy.

Psychology of people pleasers

With love-Crystal.

You will survive.

Believe me you have gone through the worst of things and you survived it,you will survive this too……

Depressed and suicidal people are at its worst .you are not alone,there are a lot of people going through it,keep moving forward and have hope and surely you will get through it.

When you go through bad times,remember a few bad incidents of life and remember how you survived and this self affirmation will give a strength to face bad times .

Think in this way that, I have survived the worst so this is nothing big for me ,I will get through this too.

With love-Crystal.


She brought a new mobile thinking  that she could call and speak to him everyday .

she wore her specks every single time to use the phone as her vision made everything to look so cloudy .

she pressed hardly on each numbers on the touch screen with the inexperience of a fresher meantime with lot of patience .   

she waited endlessly on the other side of the busy tone .

 she kept the mobile near to her all the time until she realised that the only call she got was from the sim company for the business purpose.

But one fine day it happened

The call connected.

The voice from the other side spoke

“Hello mom,” I am so Sorry for never calling you,I was so busy with my life that I didn’t have any time for you.”

“Are you her son?”The receiver at the end asked in a harsh voice.

Yes, he told nervously shocked by the voice of a stranger instead of his mom’s.

“She called you many times to let you know about her deteriorating health condition but only to be deafened by the busy tone of your phone.           

 She kept the phone near her hospital bed till she was taken in to the Icu ,Hoping that you might call her back seeing her missed calls .

Her conditin is very critical now as she has slipped in to a comma and chance of survival is too less.”

A shiver went down his spine .             A cloud of emotions and regret rained over him persuading to be with him forever.

P.s-We realise value of anyone only after we lose them.

 No one will wait for your call the way your parent’s does and we take them for granted always.

Call them today and see how they will react.

Accept everything.

If you are not satisfied by what you have in your life,you will always end up complaining and it spoils your happiness So accept everything life has to offer,accept the fact that nothing is in our control especially the outside factors,accept the fact that we lose people in life,accept the fact that people behaviour changes in life,situation changes and only person you can ever depend is you and if you practice acceptance then you will lead a happy life and this will make you a very strong person .

P.s-just ma thoughts

With love-crystal.

Don’t forget that you are the sunshine.

We are send to the world to be the sunshine,to spread happiness and motivation in this otherwise gloomy world but sometimes we get so deep in to our problems that we forget the purpose of our life and become another candle which blewed off in the wind .

Let us ignite ourself once again because world need people like us.Don’t be sad that you are not like others there is a reason for that and the reason is that your smile and positively can bring happiness in to the world and makes world a wonderful place to live in and never let anything affect it and reduce its brightness.

We have only one life ,let us be happy and spread a blanket of happiness around us.

With love-Crystal.