Body shaming.

If you ask me ,how skinny you are and if I replay you by asking,how fat you are,how will you feel? 

Or if you ask me how do you maintain your body and if I say you,you will be a better person to answer that as you seem to maintain it well ,how will you feel?

Sounds Rude isn’t it?its the same way at the other end too.

but I don’t as Im taught to respect others and not to upset them by commenting on their body.

People think that only once in plumpy side are commented but we skinny people are shamed even worst.I don’t even understand what’s their problem is ?

And if you feel the person is unhealthy,there is a way to advice and its definitely not by group shaming them or making other person to  doubt whether she is an alien . 

if you are not that rough person ,that’s enough to tear apart their confidence.people don’t even understand what they do and the consequences of it  but I personally take it positive and work on myself to be the best ,that’s a personal choice.

if you are happy with the way you are ,its never mandatory to listen to any one as long as their intention is genuine, that’s to see you healthy.
With love-Crystal.


Everything happens for good.

Don’t let situations affect your inner happiness.

Imagine everything is going wrong in your day , still you can carm down and control your mind not to over react to the situation and to search anything good that is hidden behind.

I believe in the saying” everything happens for good ” Instead of all the things that went wrong,think what you can learn from the bad incident and interpret it ,you will surely find at least one thing that’s good . 

You will be clueless of why it happened,but sooner or later you will come to know the reason for it and one thing for sure ,bad times will make you a strong and self sufficient person.

P.s-I think that remaining carm in tough situation is most difficult thing to do but we can train ourself and work towards it because that’s what is good for us.

With love-Crystal.

Better thoughts creates better life.

I have come across a lot of gossiping recently and it made me think about this topic .

Every moment you are talking or gossiping  about someone’s mistakes,you are loosing valuable time of your life and also you are spending your energy on the negative things .Instead of finding mistake in others ,how nice it would have been if we sit down and think about our flaws and work on it.

No one is perfect and finding mistake in others is the most fun thing to do but before that think for a moment whether you are perfect or not ?

if your answer is no ,then you don’t have any right to judge other’s either.

If we work on our flaws and correct it,we will have a better life ahead or else we will end up to be a bunch of people emitting negative vibes .    choice is ours.

With love-Crystal.

Happy ending

 Sami took the phone in her hand     and typed ” goodbye forever Ana”   and pressed enter .

The emotions travelled as electronic impulse to Ana and lighted the pathway to her brain in seconds.

same thing was reciprocated from the other side in  a fraction of a second “good bye forever sami.” 

In the fury of the moment ,both of their profiles disappeared from eachothers phone ,ten years of their friendship ended in few seconds of misunderstanding .

1year passed by..

sami looked at ana’s facebook profile everytime to find whether she is keeping well .sami thought of Ana every time ,her mom prepared anas favourite pickle.  

sami remembered ,the way ana holded her hands and consoled her, when the teacher scolded her for questioning inappropriate behavior of a passer by  , during their college trip.

she remembered  that the friend who  was holding  her hands till then left her hand and joined the rest of group and Ana came and holded her hands .not only that, she shared with her the ice cream she was having and asked her to chill.sami smiled and wiped her tears while having it .

Ana could easily threw away the teddy bear given by sami ,but it still adorned the cupboard of her living room .

Ana remembered the time spend in samis home ,wearing the same bangles gifted by her mom and taking pics, all happy and full of smiles.Those bangles adorned her Pooja room as a form of blessing.

But ego stopped from letting them talk,letting them know the love for each other.

Until they both confessed to their common friend  that both of them missed each other too much.

And a box of pickle send by sami and a rosary send by ana through the common friend reignited that lost friendship and they became best friends again.

All misunderstanding vanished with a hearty talk of few minutes.

P.s-life is very short and you don’t know what happens next.we should always give relationship chances,we all are humans and make mistakes and a  hearty talk can solve almost all the problems and misunderstanding.

Pic courtesy-google.

with love-Crystal

Depression is not a joke.

I just wanted to write about depression from a long time.I have been trying to educate people about depression and its seriousness but no one seems to understand or acknowledge it.

People think that depression is just sadness even I thought so sometime back. when you say about it to them,they say that what’s there to be depressed about,many people  are having bigger problems ,they all are coping with it well. why don’t they understand that the breaking point of different people are different and sometimes it has nothing to do with the type of comfortable life the person is living.

Sadness is a short lived emotion it just comes and goes but depression is like a persistent one,so adamant just like you are in the death grip of a crocodile,it just turns and tilts you and take you to the deeper waters ,from where there is no escape.

The person might not ask you directly for help but look in to there eyes only thing they are saying to you is        “Help me,I don’t want to feel miserable this way,I don’t want to die”.

when you message them ,How are you? There will be a pause before the reply I’m good” that moment of pause say’s it all. 

Some of them don’t even ask for help.But we don’t takeit seriously no matter what, saying that it’s just     sadness and also might sprinkle more pain to there wounds by abandoning them.

When depressed, you don’t feel to get up from the bed,you lack interest in anything,nothing could make you happy anymore,you are surrounded by the cloud of hopelessness and much more ,the pain is excruciating.

It’s very difficult to come out of it,        if any of your friend complaints about extreme moods and extreme sadness,Do a help,just be there for them.Don’t abandon them in such a pain. All they need is someone to help them to come out of it .

People suicide because they want to end the pain and not the life.

I wish I could help someone by writing about this.

You might be thinking how do I know it so well.I know it so well as I have faced it and came out of it with the help of a friend who suggested me to go for meditation and yoga and it did wonders .

it means that you can come out of it,never give up.

if you don’t ask answer will be always no .

don’t shy from sharing your situation with those who cares you the most.

And more over you will really got to know who is truly there for you.

With love-Crystal.

Hiding in the shell.

Hiding in the Shell ,                           Away from the hell.                       Tremor cracking my shell,             propagating from the heavy footsteps. I hided and crawled towards the corner,Their devilish ways and their wicked smile,I could see with my ears , blessed to be blind,I felt. 

I did an act of valour ,I poked and poked ,at the end, I saw a beam of light ,a ray of hope giving me the glimpse of  a beautiful world.

Those footsteps disappeared in  to the  thin air, to the nightmare that only my racing heart encountered, an encounter with humans.Let me put it right.


With love-Crystal.